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Sarah Bonner


Hope you are having a nice day. I did the pace matrix this morning. Very interesting…I found my SPL naturally went up with the increase in tempo and my 18 SPL is definitely imprinted as it seemed to linger at the beginning.

My main set was:

3 x [4x100m w 15s r] w 45s r

18 SPL @ 1.26
19 SPL @ 1.20
20 SPL @ 1.14
21 SPL @ 1.08

Then I did an extra round with SPL 19/20/21 with FPs. I just focused on counting for the main set but I warmed up with some FP swimming, drills, etc.

I found my SPL was a bit low on the first 25, sometimes first 50, for each new SPL (18 SPL for 19, 19 SPL for 20) but I eased into each SPL by the end of the effort and session. I did feel like the tempo was controlling my SPL, not me.

I also wasn’t sure I did it right since the data shows an increase in speed as the tempo goes up which contradicts the math this was all based on. Makes sense since I felt the effort level increase along with the tempo too I found 18 SPL the easiest, 19 and 20 were moderate, and 21 SPL was the most effort. I found 1.08 on the TT fast the first time (probably since it was genuinely the first time I swam at 1.08) but by the end it was ok…still fast but I could keep up fine. The effort level was higher though and probably not sustainable for a long effort in terms of quality. By the end of the session, however, I felt I had eased into each tempo.

I’m happy to repeat this set again if it will be beneficial. I attached the splits for reference if you need them.

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- Sarah