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Sarah Bonner

Okay, lots of info so I read everything a bunch of times and I’m on board and understand everything.

I figured the 3 practice set up was how it was going to go so happy with that but had a few questions:

In general I’m on a 4 week cycle: 3 weeks on, 1 week to off-load. During off-loading weeks where my training load is much lighter, would you suggest altering that? Although we can see how I go too.

I was wondering what a pre-race practice would be. What would be appropriate during taper week and a pre-race swim? If we’re getting to that, I can wait, just wondered.

And which practice is best for open water? Or should I stick to the pool for now?

I’m keen to map out a pace strategy for racing (and pick skill projects) but seems over my head right now. That said, “seeing the map” and learning the paces is what training is all about. Just all new to me.


I think this one went better although I realized I should have lapped my watch after the initial 50m to get both splits…sorry, next time. Subjectively, I’m not liking 21 SPL haha. I feel like I kept up easier this session with the tempo but I just feel like a windmill at 21 SPL. I feel like I’m sacrificing too much glide to hit the beep although I’m hitting 21. Maybe I just need a faster recovery but I’m not about to be best friends with 21 SPL. Grrr. Happy with 19, then 20. That’s the ranking list right now.

– The intervals felt more even than last time but the effort level still increased along with the tempo. Still getting used to new paces and the variability I think so I think I might want another stab at this session again.

– I was aware that at faster tempos I tend to increase the pressure of the catch. Maybe that comes naturally with the need for a faster recovery?

– I also noticed at the higher SPL end I used an extra beep to turn. I do open turns (still learning flip turns, I’m a little unco) usually catching on the third beep but that increased to the fourth beep. Might be normal with the increased tempo? Sorry, must sound like such basic questions to you!

– I’m not 100% sure if I compromise SPL or tempo. I think SPL… My initial explanation is that I sacrifice my glide to hit the beep.

– I found it flippin hard not to count on the initial 50m. It’s drilled in my brain! My translation of easing into the tempo was to lighten the pressure of the catch to feel more relaxed…I’m not sure that was the right approach.

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- Sarah