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Sarah Bonner

Sounds like it got a bit hectic over there! I’m sure it was a good time amid the crazy. You must be happy to be home though…good to leave, good to come home.

I’ve got a manic week coming up because, as I leave for Worlds, we are also moving out of our apartment. I’ll be officially “of no fixed address” for the next few months! Anyways, so the plan might fall to the wayside on Saturday because I leave Sunday morning.


Tues: OW (done…will send file/feedback shortly)
Thursday: Attention (recovery day)
Sat: Tempo?
Sunday: travel
Tues: Possible venue swim or pool swim…Attention or pre-race?
Friday: Pre-Race venue swim


I have an in water start of a one loop course. It’s a triangle…long sides are 935m, in between is 30m. The buoys look great…there is one every 50m, hopefully alternating colours like the diagram (attached).

I’ve indicated corresponding RPEs. Just going off running and cycling, I’ve picked ratings out of 10, 8 being threshold (8 = approx 1.11 and I think 7 = 1.14 6= 1.17, easy 1.20).

Working from the base plan…

Side One FP: Breathing (goggle split, laser)
50 4 sprint (RPE 8-9/1-)
250 4 sprint (RPE: 8-9)
300 2 recovery (RPE: 6)
300 3 tempo (RPE: 7)

In between: Entry (line, spear)

Side Two: Glide (Extension/ Quick Recovery)
300 3 tempo (RPE: 7)
400 3/4 mix (RPE: 7/8)
300 3/2 tempo –> recovery (–>6)

I’ve split the sprint. I’ve planned a window of no counting off the line. I will try to count but I’ve given concession to the stress of the sprint and allowed myself to start counting after I’m “in” the water.

I’m concerned about switching focal points so breathing will remain the queen of FPs. I’ve planned to be ok with just keeping the one but think I’ll be able to manage with the shifts.

I’ve written a more detailed plan with different scenarios too, with actions for improvements from last race, and hopefully over the course of the week as I review I’ll gain more confidence in the plan. Please let me know you’re thoughts.

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- Sarah