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Coach Mat

Stability Strengths

  • Swinging arms to side
A description of for many of my unique focal points below may be found on the 101 Focal Points page. Others refer to standard TI focal points used in the videos.

Stability Needs

  • R arm Exit, pulling elbow back – send wide
  • R arm Exit, twisting wrist – palm stays facing back, use ‘Exit Sleeve’ and ‘Palm Facing Back’
  • Left/Right Recovery shape, low elbow – improve elbow path with ‘Send The Dot’
  • L Recovery shape, swinging hand first – use ‘Elbow Lead’ and ‘Drag the Fingers’ to swing arm with hand dragging behind elbow until last moment
  • L/R Recovery shape, hand high – use ‘Pain A Line’ and ‘Dragonfly Fingers’ to keep fingernails touching the surface
  • L/R arm Entry point, too far forward – use ‘Stretch The Band’ and ‘Tent Over Head’
  • L/R Leg kicks out to correct instability – first, resist the kick, make legs hide or stream behind the body, later you can learn to sync leg kick



This is the second and third priority mixed together – to improve the shape of the frame and to improve how you make transitions from Skate to Skate.

Remember this: always protect shape when you make any movement.

So, as you are working on improving the Recovery, from exit to entry moment, the first priority is to hold your best Skate Position possible. The recovery swing is secondary.

Then, to work on that Recovery realize that each section is dependent on the section that comes before. So to improve the shape of the entry path, you need to work on the entry set up. In order to improve the entry set up, you need to improve the recovery swing. In order to improve the shape and path of the recovery swing you need to improve the exit moment.

We know your entry needs work, but go back to the first moment that sets the stage for everything else: the exit. For this you can look at the focal points I have on the 101 Focal Points page under Exit and Recovery section. And, you have the TI video examples to show you what it should look like.

  • Palm facing back.
  • Wrist stays in line with forearm
  • Forearm slips the hand out of the water like pulling an arm out of the sleeve of a jacket.

Then work on the Recovery shape and path itself.

  • Elbow swings out to side, not up or behind the back.
  • Elbow continues moving forward steadily (no pauses)
  • Do not swing the hand forward, let it drag behind the elbow until last moment
  • Swing elbow as high and as far forward as you comfortably can (creating that ‘Tent Over Head’)

And you want that recovery to bring the arm to ideal entry position and shape:

  • Elbow high
  • Muscles stretched under scapula
  • Forearm aiming straight ahead in front of shoulder
  • Forearm angled downward 45 degrees
  • Wrist aligned with forearm, fingers shaped but soft
  • Fingers starting to ‘cut a slot’ in the surface of the water which the whole arm will slip through – fingers, then wrist, then elbow, then shoulder


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~ Coach Mat