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Sarah Bonner

Hi Mat,

Hope you had a good week. Thanks again for taking the time to go through the program over Skype, much appreciated.

On Friday I did an attention practice, then Sunday, Monday, Tuesday I did a Tempo, Interval, and Distance, respectively.

I’ve annotated the attached data as best as I could to make it easy. The Tempo and Interval contain two different representations of the data, a graphical and a table version. I’ve included both just in case and colour coordinated.  The Distance practice is just a graphical representation but I’ve added some stroke and pace info from the data set. Let me know if there is something I can do to make that all easier for you. I can also give you access to my Garmin account if you want to see it all first hand.

The practices all went well. I can feel as the efforts become challenging, in whatever way, my new focal points become harder to maintain but that’s progress since I can feel when I get it wrong/right. I’m also feeling my fitness come back a bit along with a bit of training rhythm. I think the paces you have set are accurate. They are easy to jump into but harder to maintain. In any case, a solid first week.

The Tempo session was going well but the session was cut short…the pool was supposed to be open but they kicked us out 20m before closing which I didn’t know that they did…so I skipped the last two rounds of the adaption set and did the final 300m effort.

The Interval session was the most challenging. After the first set I started doing open turns since was feeling a bit out of breath. Although to be fair, that feeling started in warm up and continued until warm down so it was the general feeling all day. I was somewhat successful at holding 18 SPL. Obviously, the longer the interval the harder it became to hold it. I would say I picked up half a stroke when I did fall short, not generally a full one, so room for improvement. It was really the effort level that was the biggest factor.

The Distance session went much better than last week. I took rest as soon as I picked up a stroke so the 1400m was split to 500/700/200. I wasn’t feeling great that day so I was happy with my performance. I thought the effort level was a bit higher than I would’ve liked but it gradually increased over the interval so, really, I’m where I’m supposed to be.

Let me know if you have questions.

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- Sarah