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Coach Mat


This may likely mess with your stroke length a little. But it is an important modification we need to make for your stroke.

You’ve got too much overlap in your stroke which is likely putting a bit too much torque on your shoulders at the set of the catch. It is very good that, through your TI training, you’ve overcome the ‘under-lap’. This excessive over-lap is a common over-correction, and not too hard to undo actually.

Basically, that moment your entry hand pierces the water your lead hand should be sliding into catch position. As you start to apply pressure at the catch, you are transferring that force through the shoulders and into that entering arm. The tighter and smoother this timing, the more gentle it will feel in the shoulders, and you should notice it feels like you are preserving momentum better (less deceleration and re-acceleration per stroke).

In several shots in the video I see your entry arm almost entirely in the water before the lead arm starts to set the catch. You are wonderfully flexible, and wonderfully trained now to keep that long body line and patient lead arm, but now I want you to adjust this timing.

It may shorten your stroke slightly as you initially start working on this (SPL may go up 1/2 or 1). First, just get a feel for that change in timing and notice changes in effect in the loading of the shoulder upon setting the catch and the effect in momentum. Once that is familiar (after some practices) then you can tinker with your recovery speed to slow it down every so slightly, and you may also try lengthening the catch phase a bit farther toward your hip (I know you’ve done well shortening the back part! Now you just need to take a small part of it back).


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~ Coach Mat