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Coach Mat


There will be a few new benefits to swinging your recovery wider, lower to the surface. It will work better with the wetsuit too.

To get your recovery arm to go wider, lower to the surface you have to set the direction before the arm even lifts above the surface of the water. The trajectory is set as the elbow finishes its part in the catch phase and begins rebounding forward while still underwater. That is the moment you must direct its trajectory out to the side, rather than let it swing up and over your hip.

Imagine a triggered bumper – the kind you would see in a pinball machine – the moment the ball touches the bumper it punches the ball away. Now imagine that bumper on the side of your body, at the waist. The moment your elbow finishes its orbit in the catch phase, it touches that bumper at your waist and the bumper punches your elbow outward away from the side of the body NOT BACKWARD behind your back where it will pull your torso with it.

Got it? Make sense?

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~ Coach Mat