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Coach Mat

In the following analysis, I will refer you to specific corrective focal points found on the 101 Focal Points page. Explanations for what to aim for are offered in each focal point description.


At the moment you finish the underwater stroke, your elbow immediately swings back on its elliptical orbit of the shoulder and begins the swing (image R1). But you determine what path it follows. The video reveals you are pulling the elbow up and over the side of your body.

Either you are continuing to push with the hand so that it flies back and over the hip also, or the path of the elbow is pulling the hand high out of the water.

Either way, the moment the elbow touches the surface of the water, swing it outward wide, not upward.

Focal points to use under Exit And Recovery section:

  • Surfboard On Back
  • Exit Sleeve
  • Exit With Drips
  • Swing Elbow Wide


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~ Coach Mat