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Coach Mat


The elbow goes high over the side of the body (image R2), and the hand is traveling high above the water. Though the trajectory is steady, the entire arm appears stiff, which is a sign of excess muscle work.

You want an arm the is literally swinging, as if you were swinging a plastic bag with oranges in it – the bag is your heavy forearm and hand, and it swings from behind, it swings low to the surface, and comes to the front at the last moment so that you can release it into the water with forward momentum.

So, you need to shape the arm by sending the elbow wider, keep the fingers at the surface of the water, and keep the forearm and hand relaxed, as if lazy and reluctant to come forward until that last moment of the swing.

Focal points to use from the Exit And Recovery section:

  • Aligned Wrist
  • Dragonfly Fingertips
  • Swing The Bag


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~ Coach Mat