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Coach Mat


The corrections in the previous sections of the stroke might have an automatic effect on the entry.

Your arm is extending completely over the surface of the water (image R3), then entering nearly flat and nearly parallel to the lead arm. Though this points to very good patience and control, this is problematic in several ways to have so much overlap in the stroke.

You need to have the ‘equilateral triangle’ shape to your recovery swing, and then that will prime your arm for the shape of the entry. The entry then has a critical shape, entry point, and timing.

I think you will be OK with the timing, once you correct the shape and entry point (image R4). But your fingers piercing the water on entry is the trigger for setting the catch. You are doing that, but just way too late because your hand is entering so far forward, and thus entering so late (for traveling that extra distance forward).

Focal points to use from the Entry And Extension section:

  • Rabbit Ears
  • Ski Jump
  • Hand Angle At Entry
  • Splashless Entry
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~ Coach Mat