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Coach Mat


There are two main improvements I would recommend here:

1) Don’t turn the head so far to breathe (image B2). Split the face with the water and breath out of the side of your mouth. Look to the wall, not to the sky. Have only half the face out of the water, side of mouth stretch up to kiss the air.

Your head is in wonderful alignment with your spine, which gives you that ideal pocket or trough so that you can breath while face turned to the side (image B1). You need to take advantage of that.

2) You are breathing too late in the window. If you can see the recovery arm with your own eyes (image B3), you are turning too late, or you are remaining too long in the breathing position.

The best, easiest moment to get a breath is as soon as possible in that stroke cycle. Turn a bit more quickly with the start of the catch, touch the air with the side of your mouth, take a quick sip of air (not a big gulp) and turn the head back to eyes-down quickly to get back into ideal streamline position.

At this early moment you have the highest velocity, the highest lift in the water and you are using the strongest part of the rotation to empower the turn to breath.

Focal points you can use in the Breathing section:

  • Turn Early
  • Quick Sip
  • Partial Exchange
  • No See Recovery
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~ Coach Mat