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Coach Mat


I noticed what appears to be your catch path going very wide, off-track, as you switch your arms. This seems to be happening on both sides (images C1 and C2).

Sending the catch wide, and having a straighter arm is very hard on the shoulder joint. Combine that with a slower tempo + long stroke length and you have a lot of acceleration force going into a shoulder joint that is not stabilize completely (in that movement pattern). So, it is very important for your shoulder health that you check the shape and pathway of your catch.

Without seeing underwater, I suspect these two focal points will help you bring the catch back to a better position:

  • Catch On Track
  • Arm Wrestle Shape
  • Press Toward Toes
  • Release At Hip

This last one will bring you back to the Exit moment. How you finish the catch with your forearm underwater will influence how the forearm comes up, exiting from the water.


You are doing really nicely in your overall body line, shape and stability. You should be pleased.

These recommended corrections address fine details of the stroke. These little things add up and converge to make substantial improvements. I anticipate that they will result in more momentum being conserved and channeled into the water and into forward motion per stroke.

There is a lot to digest here, but you can write your thoughts and questions at any time.

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~ Coach Mat