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    Like building an auto engine one component at a time, the engine doesn’t actually run until all the pieces are put together and tuned up to work in synchronization with each other. So too with our stroke.

    Synchronization practice will help tie each piece of the movement together, two-by-two in order to help you feel the connection and improve the timing between each part of the body. All the individual pieces are brought together here in the full stroke to create a smooth, powerful, synchronized, whole-body propulsive movement.

    Advanced - Sync Practice Points

    A practice could be like this:

    4 Rounds of 3x (2x 25m), one for each combination of points.

    Rotate through the Synchronization Combo Points:

    • Round #1 – AB, AC, AD
    • Round #2 – BA, BC, BD
    • Round #3 – CA, CB, CD
    • Round #4 – DA, DB, DC

    You may pick specific Focal Points to use for each stroke section:

    • A = Mailslot, Entry, Extension Focal Points
    • B = Catch Focal Points
    • C = Hip Drive, Rotation Focal Points
    • D = 2-Beat Kick Focal Points



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