Athletic Wellness Initiative

Helping our community live better and longer.


Live and train in that sweet spot where health-for-longevity and performance merge.

About The Athletic Wellness Initiative

Reaching the podium of a single race is one thing to train for, but reaching the podium of a long, healthy life could be something else entirely. 

When an ordinary adult aspires to become an athlete eventually he will encounter obstacles to better performance that cannot be solved in practice for the sport alone. The real solutions are found in the whole ecosystem of one’s life – in patterns for sleep, nutrition, breathing, thinking, social life, in community, in culture – in other words, in the many details of human life outside of practice. It is the accumulation of small advantages or disadvantages from all of these areas which interact to support better performance or worse.

The athlete’s desire for progress eventually urges him to look beyond sport activity itself to other areas of life which could be leveraged to improve performance. Practices that bring deep, life-long improvement for health in a sport also are the same things that bring great benefits to our well-being in general. This is where health and performance converge. We want to examine they converge and where they diverge so we can position ourselves in that sweet spot of activity and remain there.

It’s not ultimately about going faster or farther, really. In the end, it’s not about a podium or a personal record. It’s about aiming for the longest-term goal and highest value for living – not a life of great sacrifice now for a great reward later, but rather to live with wisdom to distribute health benefit across a longer life span. It’s about longevity – living better physically and mentally, which results in living longer, which results in having more to offer to our loved ones and community.

The Athletic Wellness Initiative is about studying, practicing and encouraging one another to do little things well, to improve the whole ecosystem we live and perform in.



The Athletic Wellness Initiative is focused foremost on education, practice and encouragement.

Education – We set up and participate in educational events to improve our understanding of the concepts, principles, and best practices for longevity.

Practice – Through our network of friends and allies in the cause we provide coaching, consultation and facilitate communities on how to start, how to sustain it, and how to turn and help others get started.

Encouragement – We seek out the great sources and methods of encouraging one another to keep going with enjoyment and satisfaction in the process.

Who Participates

We partner with specialists in areas of knowledge and practice who can educate, demonstrate and encourage. We aim to reveal people in the local community who are already positioned with services to help.

We welcome all members of the community to participate in the activities suitable to their needs and interests – those who consider themselves athletes and those who may not.

Contact Us

You may contact us to learn more about your opportunities to participate and contribute.