Athletic Wellness Initiative

July 25, 2016


Triathlon: How do I improve in my sport while maintaining life’s responsibilities?

Sustainable, time-efficient training methods that produce results and allow for a lifetime of enjoyment in multi-sport.


Presenter: Jereme Morris – Fitness + Nutrition Coach, Triathlete

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Do less, do it better, to achieve a lot more.

Jereme will tell his personal story then show us how we can merge a responsible lifestyle with sufficient training. We’ll talk about how to cut out all the fluff so often present in triathlon training recipes – do less so that you can do more. There is the possibility of removing needless, time-sucking aspects of training while maximizing your performance through small lifestyle adjustments like sleep and nutrition. He will present examples of this approach that ‘normal’ adult athletes can relate to and discuss options in your own personal situation.

Come to be informed, inspired, equipped and pointed to resources if you want more.


Monday, July 25






Coach Mat’s home near downtown Salem, Oregon

Please contact Coach Mat to RSVP and request directions.




About The Athletic Wellness Initiative

When developing the ordinary adult to become an athlete eventually each person encounters limitations and obstacles that cannot be solved in practice for the sport alone. Solutions are found in the whole ecosystem of one’s life – in patterns for sleep, nutrition, breathing, thinking, social life, in the details of living outside of practice.

It is the accumulation of small advantages or disadvantages from all of these areas which interact to support better performance or worse. Our desire for progress eventually urges us to look beyond the swimming to other areas of life which could be leveraged to improve performance. Practices that bring deep, life-long improvement for health in a sport also are the same things that bring great benefits to our well-being in general. We want to examine where health and performance converge and where they diverge so we can position ourselves in that sweet spot of activity and remain there.

It’s not ultimately about going faster or farther, really. In the end, it’s not about a podium or a personal record. It’s about aiming for the longest-term goal and value – living a life, not of great sacrifice now for a great benefit later, but rather to distribute smart, moderate effort and it’s great benefit across a longer life span. It’s about longevity – living better, which results in living longer, which results in having more to offer to our loved ones and community. The Athletic Wellness Initiative is about studying, practicing and encouraging one another to do little things well, to improve the whole ecosystem we live and perform in.

About Our Presenter

Jereme Morris

  • husband and father
  • fitness, nutrition and lifestyle improvement coach
  • owner of Root Fitness and Nutrition
  • age-group sprint distance triathlete – just won his 35-39 age-group at the Hagg Lake Tri, and before that at Oregon Dunes Tri!
  • cancer and chemo survivor
  • experienced a major transformation from over-stressed, overweight, diseased construction engineer to happy athlete, health + fitness coach, and wellness advocate.

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