Athletic Wellness Initiative

August 29, 2016


Happier Swimmer – Part 1

How to be productive with limited time, prevent injury, and increase enjoyment for your practice.


Presenter: Mat Hudson – Total Immersion master swim coach, marathon distance open water swimmer, runner

Do less, do it better, to achieve a lot more.

Would you like your swim practice to be the most invigorating part of your day, rather than something you have to get done and check off the list? 

Coach Mat will share his own story and that of other ordinary people accomplishing marvelous swimming because they learned how to think about swimming and practice in a new way. Learn how to prevent common swimming injuries, how to design productive practice with limited time, and how to direct your attention to increase enjoyment of the experience.  

Come to be informed, inspired, equipped and pointed to resources if you want more.


Monday, August 29


18:30 to 20:00


Coach Mat’s home near downtown Salem, Oregon

Please contact Coach Mat to RSVP and request directions.



About The Athletic Wellness Initiative

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About Our Presenter

Mat Hudson

  • husband and father of 4
  • head coach of Mediterra International Swimming
  • Total Immersion Swimming Master Coach – trainer of new coaches
  • teaches mindfulness and skill-mastery principles through the context of open water swimming
  • recovered from major shoulder injuries as high school swimmer, and knee injury as collegiate Olympic distance triathlete – going stronger, longer, and more peacefully than ever at 40+.

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