Athletic Wellness Initiative

September 29, 2016


Fueling for Life… and Sport

Giving your body better nutrition for a lifetime, not just for the season of your sport.

Come to have your food/exercise understanding challenged and expanded.


Presenter: Jereme Morris – Fitness + Nutrition Coach, Triathlete

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Give your body what it needs to live better and it will perform better.

So often we associate “healthy” with the exterior appearance of the body while on the inside we may be the furthest thing from it. Jereme will discuss methods that allow for peak performance and a fit appearance. Particularly, these methods promote a genuinely healthy body and can be sustained for a lifetime, not just for a season. He will confront many of the myths surrounding diet and performance and offer useful take-home solutions you can implement in your training and daily life.

Topics will include:

  • The long-term consequences of relying on quick-burning fuels
  • Eating for workouts and competition
  • Changing the food/exercise mentality
  • Pre/Post workout approaches


Thursday, September 29 




Reed Opera House, In the conference room of the Co.W office space.

189 Liberty St NE #301, Salem, OR 97301

 Please contact Coach Mat to RSVP and request directions.  



About The Athletic Wellness Initiative

You may read more about the purpose of this initiative.


About Our Presenter

Jereme Morris

  • husband and father
  • fitness, nutrition and lifestyle improvement coach
  • owner of Root Fitness and Nutrition
  • age-group sprint distance triathlete – just won his 35-39 age-group at the Best Of The West Sprint Tri and 8th over-all. Before that, AG champion at Hagg Lake Tri, and before that at Oregon Dunes Tri!
  • cancer and chemo survivor
  • experienced a major transformation from over-stressed, overweight, diseased construction engineer to happy athlete, health + fitness coach, and wellness advocate.

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