Training Progression

Recommended For Students Of Mediterra’s Local Training Event


No doubt getting live personal coaching attention is going to be very effective.

But we do want you to take advantage of resources to go some distance on your own before you invest in live coaching. And, we do want you to show up to your live event ready to absorb more of what we will teach.

You may purchase, download, study, and practice with either Total Immersion’s Ultra-Efficient Freestyle or the Perpetual Motion Freestyle (our old favorite) video series.

By practicing on your own for some time using the videos, you will start to get familiar with the terminology, the skills, the drills, and the standard focal points that we will use in our live training. Because these will already be familiar to you, your brain doesn’t have to get bogged down on that part.   You will gain many new skills on your own, and more importantly, you will start to see what specific areas you are having problems or uncertainty about – this will get you ready to know what you need to emphasize during your live training experience. You can better filter the new information you will receive.

Other Coaching

On potential conflict is your progress is if you are continuing to work with another (non-TI) coach that has different views of how you should form the stroke, and on how you should train. Some coaches just focus on ‘just fitness’ and may not offer much opinion on your technique or what you should focus on during fitness-oriented sets – some of these may even gladly refer you to TI for technical input. But some coaches do have strong opinions and may contradict what you’ve been taught in a TI setting.

What do you do?

You may try both programs in order to compare effects and see what you think. But out of respect for either coach, you may need to commit yourself to one or the other for a period of time so that you give that program a sufficient opportunity to produce the promised benefits.

One you’ve spent some time under TI influence to gain a new level of proficiency, it is possible that you could then return to your former training setting. Perhaps your obvious improvement will be respected and you will be permitted, without hassle, to include your new technique and focus into the original practice culture.

If not, then you may consider joining us and helping build a new tribe of swimmers who share these different values and unique path for swimming and training.

Live Training

If it works for your schedule, then joining one of our scheduled group training events may be your next stop.

If you are one who has trauma or great fear associated with being in water, and you know this will hinder your ability to learn in a group setting, we highly recommend setting up a series of private lessons. This way we can go at your pace to gently reduce or remove the underlying fear and stress, reprogram your brain a bit, so you will be able to participate in regular lessons more comfortably. We are patient, skilled, and pleased to work with people in this position.

If you prefer private lessons, then we have the advantage of setting up a more convenient time for your lessons, and we can move along the skill progression at your pace of learning, taking more time on those areas of most importance to your needs.

Online Training

Our online training site – the Mediterra Swim Dojo – is not designed to replace your live training experience but to supplement it. We do not aim to teach you fundamental skills online only, but to support your ongoing training in those skills once you have had some live coached experience.
However, on occasion, we do accept students who have not had reasonable access to a TI Coach or live training experience, and have instead invested much time self-coaching as far as possible with other resources.
Our goal is to set you free, as much as you desire, to swim and train on your own. We don’t want you to remain dependent on a coach to tell you what to do – though we intend to keep studying and practicing and always have more things to teach you!
So, we have two main ways to participate in our online courses:
  1. Coach-guided course
  2. Self-guided course

We would like each new online student to go through one of our coach-guided courses at least once so that you have a chance to acquire some understanding of how advanced training principles work, how our practice patterns work, so that you can move on to self-guided training with one of our courses and feel comfortable with it. TI training is quite different than conventional training and it takes some time to get acquainted with the way we go about it. But if you earnestly work through two or three months of one of these training plans you will experience how it works so well, not just read about it.


Eventually, if you desire to do so, you would then feel competent and experienced enough to design your own series of practices that you could then confidently follow toward your goal. For this purpose we have created the Self-Coaching 101 course which would guide you in doing exactly that.