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Your TI Training Options – Part 2

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Step 3: TI Forums

There are thousands and thousands of members on the TI Forum site, though, once you get involved you will notice a hundred or so who tend to really be involved in conversations on a regular basis. This is a great place to get immersed in the questions and answers and thinking of people are who enthusiastic about Total Immersion as well as those who come to learn and even critique. It’s a good sharing ground that is kept quite civilized I must say, even with differing opinions.

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There are several TI Coaches, including Head Coach Terry, who regularly interact in the conversations in the forums. So, you get more than comments from random swimmers. Yet, some of those swimmers have been practicing diligently for a long time and could be or should be coaches themselves with the good insights they have to share.

You don’t have to become a member (its free!) to view the threads. If you do become a member you don’t have to reveal anything about your true identity either, if you want to leave comments. Spammers have gotten in from time to time, but members are good about reporting and the administrator removes those users right away.

Again, there are  information and opinions being shared freely on the forums. You will get some very earnest comments, but still you need to practice discernment and think critically about the information people offer. If the comment comes from a TI Coach then you have some assurance that their opinions have been influenced by their coach training and the values and core principles of Total Immersion, though everyone’s perspective has their own personal experience and ideas mixed in. In general, that mix is a good thing, I think. There is some healthy debate that should go on about this complex and often confusing activity called swimming.

The downside here is that you do have to search through a lot of comments to find what might be helpful to you. And though the best answers may be sincere, they may probably be frustratingly short on all the details you need – not usually enough for you to start designing your own training path by. This is one of the primary reasons I put my effort into writing on my blog – so I can lay out substantial (and substantiated) presentations of ideas and teaching swimmers How Swimming Works and How Training Works.

Step 4: The latest TI training Video Series and Workbook

I really want to encourage you to pick up the latest video and first start practicing the skills and drills on your own. Even if you intend to go to a live training event soon, this will expose you to the concepts, the terminology and the activities that you will encounter in that live training event. It will save a lot of time and allow you and the coach to get into deeper things sooner, rather than have to introduce you to these concepts – that is not the best use of your time or the coaches paid-time.

If you come asking me for a private lesson, I am going to ask if you’ve first downloaded and started to study this video package.

You really should get exposure to Total Immersion from the founder and head coach himself, Terry Laughlin. His words and manner of teaching are unparalleled.

After a live training time, you then have a more powerful understanding of what is being demonstrated for you in those videos. Now the videos act as a strong reference to help you remember the sequence of skills and drills and whole stroke that you need to practice. By going back through the video series after you’ve had some experience you will notice so much more detail and nuance that you noticed before. And each time you come back and go through it you will notice more.

UEF book cover 450x585

TI Ultra-Efficient Freestyle Bundle (download) $49.95

  • Swim Ultra-Efficient Freestyle eBook
  • Swim Ultra-Efficient Freestyle Workbook
  • Swim Ultra-Efficient Freestyle Image Guide
  • 15 Video Lessons

I would still like to recommend that older, but still quite relevant video series. 

PMF book cover 450x644

TI Perpetual Motion Freestyle Video Series (download) $29.95

This series offers Terry’s audio narration for what is going on in each video and will provide a lot of detail that you can dig into for years.

And I will add in here, the TI Academy, where for a monthly fee, you can study all the TI videos (all strokes, and many topics). This is being offered for $49 per month or $399 per year. You can take a look and determine whether that is a good value to you or not.

There are four parts in this series on Your TI Training Options…


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