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Your TI Training Options – Part 4

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Step 9: Private Lesson

Finally, we come to private lessons, which everyone appreciates. They are the most powerful in terms of personal attention. They provide the opportunity to quickly identify the root of your more complicated problems and receive personalized solutions. They are the most expensive in terms of price per hour, and the cost and opportunities will vary with coaches around the world. This post is a description of the approach I have developed because of my focus and circumstances.

While living in Antalya I was charging $120 per hour (for one or two people of similar skill level – and price does not including the cost of entry into the facility) – a swimmer needed to already be fairly committed to this path to go through the trouble and expense to visit me there. Now that I have moved back to Oregon, and into a different economic reality I have lowered my price slightly to $90 per hour or $120 for a 90-minute session, with significant discount if you bring a friend to share that lesson. Yet my price remain similar to what my master coach colleagues in the US may charge.

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That price will make some people hesitate, while others won’t. Partly its about knowing the value of what is really taking place during a lesson with a coach trained in our methodology. Partly, the price is meant to urge you to take advantage of the other, lower priced options and go as far as you can on your own with those. Then come to me when you have reached the end of what those offer you, to add what only the live coaching experience can provide for you.

My intent is to set you free from needing to be dependent on a paid-coach – you can go quite far on those self-coaching materials, like many of us have in our own TI training. So you need to try using them. And, then when you come to me, I give you far more than a lesson – I train you in the principles and the pathway to follow that will take your much further, when you resume working on your own. Will this put me out of a job? When you reach contentment in your abilities, perhaps it will. But I think most will remain pleasantly discontent – that is kaizen!

Since I am continuing to practice and study deeply in my own swimming, I intend to always have deeper things to offer. In this way I hope to keep attracting dedicated students, even though they are ‘good enough’ at coaching themselves. The further we go the more we realize there is to learn!

And, I am not only OK with swimmers who present more difficult problems, I am attracted to those with more complicated needs. Of course, it is satisfying for both you and me when I can reach into the standard toolbox and pull out a well-tested TI solution to the common problems most people have. But I really appreciate it when swimmers present me with new challenges and the opportunity to learn, to create new solutions, and grow as a problem-solving coach myself.

In live lessons I am very patient when I am with my student because…

  1. I know the principles and pathway we must follow to get you to your goal,
  2. I know your own mindfulness and some time is required,
  3. I trust that you are a serious student, and
  4. I trust that you respect my energy and very focused attention upon you.

Frankly, it is not so much about the money – you know how it can be so discouraging to pour yourself into someone who doesn’t really value what they’ve just received. To guard against this disappointment for both the swimmer and coach, I think it is better to get acquainted with the logic of the TI method in those previous steps and decide its for you or not. So, higher pricing is one way of sifting for those who have thought carefully about what you are about to ask of me. Because when you ask, I am going to give my best to help you. Since it feels ‘expensive’, you are going to come prepared and squeeze out everything you can in that time together. I am ready to be squeezed.

Now, I believe my TI coach colleagues all have the same focus upon personalized quality, they love problem-solving and being ‘squeezed’ so-to-speak. I realize that many of them are in different circumstances and therefor arrange their private lessons differently. They may charge less and encourage you to come to a private lessons a lot earlier in the process, which is great. This is not a matter of principle but a matter of strategy. I might adjust my approach later on to better fit changing circumstances.

Step 10: Become A Coach

Some of the best coaches we have in our network are those who were not naturally gifted as swimmers before they found TI. They discovered magic on this path and want to turn around and help others find it too. It is those who struggled for some time then found these keys to unlock their personal swimming puzzle who are often the most passionate and the most insightful teachers. They intimately understand what is involved and they have compassion for those who don’t come to the skills naturally. I mention this because you may be pleased with what you’ve discovered and would be delighted to help others, but because of your previous struggles you may feel unqualified to teach.

Yet, by virtue of your struggle and marvelous breakthrough, you are qualified!

You may be motivated for this step because:

  1. You want to share what you’ve discovered with others in a more formal, certified way.
  2. You want to be more thoroughly equipped and confident to be your own best coach.

Either motivation is quite fine. Coaching does not necessarily have to be just for those who want to teach others this marvelous transformation process. It is perhaps more about taking your own swimming to a new level. I find personally that the more deeply I teach, the better I swim. And the more deeply I train in swimming, the better I teach. They feed each other.

1501 swim teach cycle

All along in the training process the materials, the community and the coaches are exposing you to the mindset and principles of our own deep practice. You are experiencing a powerful, scientifically-substantiated learning process that you can rely upon to make swimming a deeply satisfying practice. And by coming to a TI Coach Training event you can formally expand your understanding and acquire a greater set of tools to teach others and to coach yourself.

This completes the four parts in this series on Your TI Training Options…


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