About Coach Baha Demirci

Discovering TI

Baha has always enjoyed a range of aquatic activities. His enthusiasm for the water began at a young age. Growing up on the Aegean (western coast) of Turkey, he has early childhood memories of swimming and playing in the water and snorkeling in the crystal clear sea from rocky cove to cove.

In June 2011, before ever having formal instruction in swimming technique, he completed 7.1 km Meis-Kas open water race, but it was very difficult. His engineering mind urged him to seek out a swimming technique that could turn around this experience. By chance, he heard of the Total Immersion workshops being led by Mat Hudson in Istanbul and attended one.

After this, encouraged by good friends and his new-found TI skills, Baha began training and running for charity and started competing in triathlons and open water races in 2011. Since this time he has completed many triathlons and multi-sport events including half-Ironman distance. He particularly enjoys competing in open water swimming races in the beautiful sea around Turkey.

Becoming A TI Coach

In 2012, Baha joined his company’s dragon boat paddle racing team. This quickly led to a passion for racing and paddle technique efficiency. In the leadership vacuum, he took his appreciation for technical excellence and efficiency and stepped into the role of coaching the team. He helped them refine paddle technique and coordinate as a team from scratch to glory.

At a swim camp later that year, Coach Mat noticed Baha’s intuition as a (dragon boat) coach and his engineer’s appreciation for the logic and details of Total Immersion. He invited Baha to enter into a coach apprenticeship process over the next couple years. Baha assisted at many open water camps and training events in the pool.

On the way to becoming TI Coach, Terry Laughlin encouraged Baha to apply TI learning method to different stages of life and sport. Inspired by this, he spent a season training and competing in ‘timber sports’ as a rookie, quickly going from zero to hero (like Tim Ferris!) and did well to the surprise of his instructors.

In October 2014 Baha completed his Level 1 and 2 TI Coach Certification in Swarzedz, Poland (near Poznan), under Master Coaches Mat Hudson and Pavel Lewicki.

Learning With Coach Baha

Baha is an experienced Total Immersion Level 2 Coach. He enjoys sharing and teaching the logical, efficient Total Immersion method to swimmers of all ages and abilities. Baha crafted his swimming skills as an open water specialist coach at Total Immersion open water camps.He loves sea kayaking and leading swimmers to their goals.

Coach Baha is an independent, Level 2 TI Coach, partnering with Coach Mat and Mediterra in special training events. He specializes in developing open water swimmers and triathlon athletes, and has built an eager and happy community of students in Turkey. He is particularly skilled at noticing small details and causes of problems in the stroke. He has guided many swimmers to first accomplishments, qualifications, and new PRs in long distance, cold water and triathlon swimming. His instruction style is greatly favored among our swim camp guests. 

He offers private lessons, workshops,, swim camps and special training events in Turkey and the Mediterranean Region.

You may contact Coach Baha directly to inquire about his services.

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