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Quick Bio for Coach Jamee

Coach Jamee started competitive swimming during grad school in 1993. After years of the traditional ‘go harder’ approach to training she felt worn out. Though she was working harder she wasn’t going any faster, and eventually lost enjoyment of the water from the monotony of lap-after-lap.  She left the water to pursue more interesting athletics and activities – ballroom dance, running, yoga. Many years later, in 2011 she was introduced to Mediterra’s manner of swimming and method of training which inspired and revived her love. 

When Jamee began retraining her mind and body, she had to carefully over-ride old habits that favored power-over-precision, and hard-over-smooth. It was perhaps more challenging for her mind than her body. But she immediately discovered that a more mindful swimmer with a more balanced, more streamlined body moves so much easier through the water.

She started coaching swimming in 2016, first in a thorough apprenticeship under Coach Mat. Coach Jamee has since developed her own specialty with fearful and new swimmers. She is skilled, patient and kind instructor (very fun too), beloved by those who work with her. She is exceptional teaching people to be confident and enjoy the water as much as she does.

Learning With Coach Jamee

Coach Jamee specializes in teaching Level 1 skills and working gently and joyfully with those who are fearful of water.

She offers private lessons and small group lesson series at Mittleman Jewish Community Center in SW Portland Oregon. She has a wide variety of days and hours available.

To inquire about working with Coach Jamee, please fill out the contact form.

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