About Mediterra International

You will love swimming more than you ever imagined you could.

We specialize in working with adult swimmers of all types – men and women, younger and older, big and small, fast and slow, able bodied and disabled, new and experienced. Age is no limitation – it is an asset in the learning process actually!

Our swimmers achieve a more marvelous level of skill and enjoyment for swimming in all kinds of aquatic conditions. They acquire the skills and mindset they need for greatest comfort, efficiency, speed and enjoyment in the water.


We practice improving our awareness to take advantage of the feedback coming through our nervous system, to enable us to make our body work in safer, stronger movement patterns, and to work in more smooth, efficient cooperation with water. The stronger our attention – in knowing where to focus and to hold it there – the better our swimming can be.

Principles Of Efficiency

By teaching our students to understand the physics of water, the physiology of a human moving through the water, the psychology of optimal performance they learn to flow through the water with ease and control and enjoyment. These are all indicators of genuine efficiency. 

Flow State

We teach both physical and mental skills for mastery of the stroke, pace control, and reaching Flow. that state of experience where the sense of time and concern for external things disappear and we feel the most satisfaction with the activity while we are doing it.

From practicing such skilled, focused swimming we and our students consistently experience swimming as one of the most pleasurable, invigorating parts of our day, improving the rest of life.


Following neural learning principles we make the learning experience more effective and engaging for you. We break the complex skills down into practicable pieces, with with simple, clear objectives, a single focus for the brain, and follow a proven sequence of steps to success.

Attuned, Accepting Presence

Though we are not therapists, our interaction with students is informed by study of interpersonal neurobiology, therapeutic practice, and trauma care. We aim to be present with our students, to be attuned to their body states, to communicate and interact in ways that foster a deep sense of safety, acceptance and encouragement. We agree with the statement that, “Safety is healing.”

We are welcoming to all kinds of people, of different ages, gender, abilities, perspective, ethnicity and culture. We work towards building a respectful, safe and inspiring atmosphere, tailored to the needs of the people we are with.

The Swimmers We Serve

With proven methods for transforming swimmers, we work well with:

  • Those learning to swim
  • Those who are fearful of water
  • Technique-oriented youth, and adults, and seniors
  • People overcoming injuries, limitations and disabilities
  • Competitive swimmers and triathletes
  • Those focused on skill mastery
  • Swimmers training in the pool and in open-water

The Regions We Operate In

We host live training events in:

  • North America
  • Caribbean Sea region
  • Mediterranean Sea region
  • Europe

The Services We Provide

  • Private Coaching – live and online
  • Open Water Swim Camps
  • Group Training Events
  • Private Lessons and Workshops
  • Online Training in the Mediterra Swim Dojo
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