About Mediterra International

Creating excellent swimmers one stroke at a time.

Mediterra International Swimming is devoted to transforming swimmers of all ages, shapes, and skill levels into excellent swimmers, giving them all they need for greatest comfort, efficiency, speed and enjoyment in the water – using certified Total Immersion instruction methods.

By teaching our students to understand the physics of water, the physiology of a human moving through the water, the psychology of optimal performance they learn to flow through the water with ease and control. We teach both physical and mental skills for mastery of the stroke, pace control, and reaching Flow-State.

From practicing such skilled, focused swimming we and our students consistently experience swimming as one of the most pleasurable, invigorating parts of our day, improving the rest of life.

We strive to make the learning experience effective and engaging, by breaking the complex skills down into practicable pieces, with with simple, clear objectives, a single focus for the brain, and a proven sequence of steps to success.

Our teaching and training events are led by professional certified coaches from the international network of Total Immersion Swimming, which is arguably the most effective and widely-recognized program for swim improvement in the world.

The Swimmers We Serve

With TI’s proven technique for transforming swimmers, we work well with:

  • Those learning to swim
  • Those who are fearful of water
  • Technique-oriented youth, and adults, and seniors
  • People overcoming injuries, limitations and disabilities
  • Competitive swimmers and triathletes,
  • Those focused on skill mastery
  • Swimmers training in the pool and in open-water

We have a deep value for developing each swimmer’s body, mind and soul together- so that he and she may acheive their goals in good health, positive perspective, and harmony with life- which in turn releases the swimmer to reach optimal performance.

The Regions We Operate In

We host training events in:

  • Mediterranean Sea region
  • Europe
  • Russia
  • The Middle East

The Services We Provide

  • Private Coaching
  • Open-Water Swim Camps
  • Group Workshops
  • Private Lessons and Workshops
  • Online ‘Self-Coaching’ Training Program