About Total Immersion

What Is Total Immersion Swimming?

It can mean different things to different people because it represents many things depending on what they have observed or experienced in our training.

Let us explain…

TI is an Efficient Stroke Technique

Because many people have seen the famous TI Coach Shinji video on Youtube, or seen one of the Total Immersion swimming DVDs they first think TI is a distinctive stroke style (especially in freestyle or crawl stroke). These people may point to someone swimming and ask, “So, is this a TI stroke?” or, “Does that person use a TI stroke?” While a distinctive stroke does emerge from the training, this is not the main objective – creating the most effective stroke for the least amount of energy expense is.

Total Immersion is obsessed with constructing the most energy efficient stroke for any stroke style, in any short or long distance event. The distinctive stroke is just a natural product of human bio-mechanics coming into the safest, most efficient pattern of synchronized motion. Physics and physiology will compel the swimmer to adopt certain distinct patterns when those principles are followed. Energy efficiency translates into a faster stroke, and one that lasts longer. More importantly, it translates into an injury-free stroke, and efficiency feels awesome. The body and the brain love efficient movements. TI makes swimming more enjoyable than you though possible.

TI is an Effective Teaching/Learning Method

More than the stroke itself, Total Immersion represents a method for teaching and learning that is unique to the world of swim instruction, and we argue, far more powerful in creating exceptional swimmers, especially among those who are ‘not gifted’ at swimming.

TI is based on the latest understanding from neuroscience and brain-friendly learning methodology used in many other intense sports and arts disciplines on land. The learning method follows the ordered principles of physics, physiology and psychology to build a swimmer who works well with the forces of nature outside the body as well as swim in harmony with the flow of energy and motivation inside the body. This neurologically-sensitive methodology is what sets Total Immersion coaching apart from all other swim instruction providers, though, no doubt most are as earnest about helping you improve your swimming.

Doctors, therapists and other health professionals, as well as engineers and science-minded people among our swim students readily recognize and are drawn to the logic and efficacy of TI’s approach.

TI is an Inspiring Set of Training Values

In addition to abiding carefully with physics and a well-supported understanding of how the human body and mind work, Total Immersion swimming provides a set of values and principles in the way of the Japanese concept of kaizen – what we translate as “continual personal improvement”.

As TI swimmers and coaches we may summarize these values:

  • Swim with excellence in efficiency.
  • Swim without injury to body or mind.
  • Seek more enjoyment in our learning process and activity.
  • Continually seek challenge and growth in our physical and mental capabilities.
  • Be life-long learners, life-long swimmers.

TI is a Global Kaizen Community

And, around this priority of efficiency, around this methodology of teaching and learning, around this set of values we have a steadily growing global community of dedicated swimmers and certified coaches (i.e. coaches who practice everything they teach!). These swimmers appreciate seeking out the company and experience of others who value the same in their athletic pursuits.

Total Immersion provides a world-wide network of tens of thousands of swimmers and over hundreds of certified coaches in dozens of countries, with many, many more following silently, unofficially on their own. By participating in any live (certified) Total Immersion training event you will be exposed to these features of TI because they are inherent in everything we do.

Whether you simply seek some help to gain more ease, endurance, and speed, or deeper personal improvement, you will undoubtedly experience the benefits of being coached by those who are dedicated to teaching and practicing this way of swimming, this way of thinking, this way of being.

Read more about Total Immersion on the official TI website.