COVID-19 Update

Affecting Mediterra’s Activities

In light of the global pandemic and the regional responses to it, we will post updates here on our status with regard to our local training events, swim camps, and other activities.

Updated: December 4, 2020

Pool Lessons and Coaching in Oregon, USA

Salem is now OPEN.

We have the OK to offer private lessons and coaching, under safety protocol, in the Courthouse Club Fitness facilities in Salem, Oregon. 

Portland is still CLOSED.

The dry areas of the Mittleman Jewish Community Center in SW Portland are open, but the pool is NOT OPEN yet. We do not have word yet when it that will open.

Online coaching is OPEN.

If you are desperate for some customized coaching attention before we can get back in the pool with you, contact us about setting up an online consultation with Coach Mat or Coach Jamee.

Open Water Swim Clinics

We had wonderful  experiences with our 1-day open water swim clinics in various Oregon lakes and will start up again next spring 2021.

Private lessons at Turner Lake, near Salem, Oregon are available into the fall and winter – if you are into cool water swimming!


Swim Camps in 2021

We plan to set up our normal schedule of swim camps in the Mediterranean region in June and in September with some additional international events done in conjunction with SwimMastery.

Global developments in health and travel in the months leading up to each event will guide our decisions on dates and details. Our payment and refund policy will be quite flexible.

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