Guidelines For Using Swim Training Devices

Guidelines For Using Swim Training Devices

[Note: I am sharing this post, one among hundreds, from our Mediterra Dojo library.] Training devices are extremely popular among swimmers and triathletes – with new fads coming each year – and people are often looking to their coach to have an opinion on these....

2-Beat Kick Purpose

Here are my comments in response to a swimmer’s question about when to use the 4-Beat Kick and/or 6-Beat Kick: The Purpose Of The 2BK The point of the 2-Beat Kick is that it brings the entire body together in ONE synchronized rotation movement. The kick in 2BK...

Review- Finis Positive Drive Fins

Here’s one of my three new Finis tools- the Positive Drive Fins. When I looked at these on their site and considered buying a pair to test I wasn’t sure if I could expect that much performance difference from my standard zoomers. But the moment after I...
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