Open Water Sun Protection

How do I protect myself from the sun while swimming in open-water? That’s a very important question, and one I hear often at this time of the year. Here are my two recommendations: 1) A rash-guard or swim-shirt. If you want no hindrance while swimming the fit...

eBook For TI Triathletes

I’ve had the privilege of receiving my first TI Coach training under Shane Alton Eversfield (and Betsy Laughlin!) and then found a couple excuses to work with him again. I am looking for more. I love being around this guy. I love the way he explains things. The...

Review- Finis Positive Drive Fins

Here’s one of my three new Finis tools- the Positive Drive Fins. When I looked at these on their site and considered buying a pair to test I wasn’t sure if I could expect that much performance difference from my standard zoomers. But the moment after I...
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