Levels Of Proficiency for Running

Which training event would fit your needs best?

Levels for Running Skills and Fitness

Running Skills Levels

We organize our training into a progression that considers not just fitness, but skillfulness. Fitness is the ability to do work. Skillfulness is the ability to do it safely, and pain-free.

Level 1 – Technique For Pain-Free Running

This level of training is suitable for those who…

  • Are new to running
  • Are Out-of-shape for running 5K
  • Have a history of injury and pain
  • Are bored by run training
  • Aren’t getting faster and you don’t know why

Your first goal (Level 1a) may be to complete the 5K distance using run/walk intervals, pain-free.

Your next goal (Level 1b) may be to complete the 5K distance running continuously, pain-free.


Level 2 – Technical Strength for Running Farther, Faster

This level of training is suitable for those who…

  • Are fit to run 5K
  • Have at least a year of regular running experience
  • Seek reduction in some aches and pains
  • Feel inefficiencies in their technical form and movements
  • Would like to run farther
  • Would like to run faster

Your first goal may be to run a certain distance feeling better than you ever have.

Your next goal may be to run longer distance than you have before, pain-free.

Your next goal may be to run that distance faster than you have before, feeling better than ever.


Level 3 – Expedition

In this level of training the athlete and coach are taking a broader view of performance and health in the training plan.

This level is for those who are preparing for an experience or achievement which will involve many months, and several training cycles. This might be preparation for a long-distance triathlon, a long-distance run, a major competition, a run holiday with lots of running every day. It could be for those who would like to be more deeply prepared to enjoy any exciting (and difficult) running opportunities that may come up during the year.

In this level of training one is working on deeper skills for improving the physical and mental experience. This would involve work on general conditioning outside of the run workouts – mobility, strength, and perception. In addition, this level of training may likely involve improvement in other areas of life and daily patterns which have great impact in one’s health and performance – mindfulness, nutrition, breathing, sleep, and other features.

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