Arranging Your Private Transfer

For flights coming to Antalya or Dalaman Airports

How To Arrange Your Transfer

Words About Your Transfer

We realize that for first time visitors to Turkey it may feel a little uncertain with the language barrier and cultural unknowns. Again, Turks are wonderful at taking care of guests. We expect you to have a pleasant transfer experience with these companies that we have a relationship with. The drive from the airport is beautiful and Turkish traffic is ‘exciting’ at times – you may be glad a local is driving you!

After your transfer experience we would appreciate your feedback so we can encourage these companies to keep up the good work or make some improvements.

From Antalya Airport to Kaş

The duration of the transfer from the Antalya Airport (code AYT) to the hotel in Kaş is about 3.5 hours, which includes a 30 minute rest stop about half way (with hot and fresh Turkish food available in daytime and evening hours).

To schedule your departure transfer, anticipate leaving Kaş 6 hours before your flight departure time in Antalya. This allows 4 hours for road travel and any delays, and your 2 hour check-in window for international flights. You may reduce this to 5 hours for flights going to Istanbul.

From Dalaman Airport to Kaş

The duration of the transfer from the Dalaman Airport (code DAL) to the hotel in Kaş is about 2.5 hours with a short a rest stop.

To schedule your departure transfer, anticipate leaving Kaş 5 hours before your flight departure time in Dalaman. This allows 3 hours for road travel and any delays, and your 2 hour check-in window for international flights. You may reduce this to 4 hours for flights going to Istanbul.

Finding Your Driver

The transfer driver will typically stand outside the doors to the baggage claim area, but not directly at the doors. When you come out the doors, walk straight ahead past the initial crowd of people, and look for a driver with a sign with your name on it. You may ask the transfer director for explicit instructions on where to find the driver, for the particular terminal you will be at.

If there appears to be no driver when expected, please allow another 15 minutes or so past your scheduled pickup time before contacting the transfer company. It is possible there was a problem you are not aware of. However, the transfer director and the driver will have your number and it is of great importance to them that they find you – their reputation is at stake! Keep checking your phone for their message to you (and hopefully, your phone has service in Turkey!).

Please DO NOT LEAVE THE AIRPORT by another means – contact the transfer company to first learn what the problem is. They are quite reliable to arrive when scheduled and to take care of our guests – so if you do not see the driver it is possible there is a traffic problem or a terminal confusion. Occasionally, the airport switches the terminal where a flight will come to, or they will bus passengers to another terminal. This is rare, but possible. The driver will figure it out and eventually come to you. Remain visible and look for your name. Turks are wonderful about taking care of guests.

Don’t count on finding the vehicle on your own – almost all of them are painted generic plain white with little company signs in their front window.

Delayed Flight?

Fortunately, all the flights in modern airports are being tracked and this information is available online. The transfer companies use your complete flight information to track its arrival or departure to check for delays and adjust the transfer accordingly. If you have a delay on your flight before your last flight but are not able to notify the transfer company, there is a good chance that they will notice the flight was delayed and will reschedule the transfer according to the new reported arrival time.

Again, upon arrival, please keep checking your mobile phone and keep a look out for your driver. Please make an effort to contact the transfer company (messaging is fine and less expensive) to check in, if you are concerned there is a problem.

As a last resort, you may send me a message to ask for help. I should be using this mobile number while in Turkey – +90.554.750.8456.

Cancel Or Reschedule

Please be aware that the transfer company is coming from your destination – 3 or 4 hours away – to pick you up from the airport at your scheduled arrival time. They are checking what information is posted online about your flight.

If you need to reschedule your transfer due to a delay or cancellation of your flight, you need to notify the transfer company – by phone, if possible – at least 4 hours before your scheduled pickup time. If later than that, the driver will have already departed onto the road to come get you! And, they will expect to be paid for the transfer.

Flights coming from Istanbul might be delayed for less than an hour, but rarely cancelled. If your flight originates from outside Turkey, then you need to make every effort to notify the transfer company that there is a change in your flight arrival time before you depart.

The transfer personnel will do their best to track and solve your transfer timing from their end. They can only work with the information they are provided with by you and this online tracking system. So, please help them get the information they need.

Transfer Companies and Prices
Taking a transfer to from airport to city of Antalya

If you are going to stay at a hotel in Antalya (before or after the camp) I recommend that you contact Murat Ilkbahar, with Akdeniz Transfer – We have used this company for many years and we appreciate how they take care of our guests. You may let Murat know that you are a guest of Coach Mat Hudson and Mediterra International. He will know that we sent you. (Having a referral to a service is a good thing in Turkey).

You may see their prices on the Akdeniz Transfer website.

Taking a transfer to or from Kaş, from either Dalaman or Antalya

If you are going directly to or from our camp hotel in Kaş then I recommend that you contact Deniz at Deniz Rent A Car Kaş. This is the company that we work with in Kaş, You may let Deniz know you are with Coach Mat’s and the Mediterra International group and he will know who you are connected to.

You may visit their site to view prices for both airport transfers and rental cars in Kaş.

Provide This Information

When you request the reservation you need to provide this complete information:

For Arrival Flight
  • Date of arrival
  • Airport
  • Airline name
  • Flight Code
  • Time of arrival
  • Terminal (domestic, international, or T2 charter)
  • Hotel + address you are traveling to
  • Number of passengers
  • Your Full Name
  • Your mobile number (which you will have with you upon arrival)
  • Your email
For Departure Flight
  • Date of departure
  • Airport
  • Airline name
  • Flight Code
  • Time of depature
  • Terminal (domestic, international, or T2 charter)
  • Location you want to be picked up from
    Number of passengers
  • Your Full Name
    Your mobile number (which you will have with you upon departure)
  • Your email

Of course, if you are taking a transfer to Kaş with Bougainville they will know the hotel you are staying at, so no need to give more than the name of the hotel.


The pricing for tourists is generally in EURO, but some times it is given in USD or in TL. If listed in a foreign currency, they will accept Lira also.

For transfers arranged with Akdeniz Transfer and Bougainville you will pay the driver directly at the end of the drive (unless they give you other instructions). It would be unheard of for the driver to suggest you owe anything above the agreed price.

You may give a tip to the driver if you like, but it is not an obligation. Something like 5 euro would be fine (which is about 25 TL and a very nice meal to a local!).

Airport Info

Map Antalya Mugla Province w routes

There are two international airports closest to our camp locations:

  • Antalya International Airport (AYT)
  • Dalaman International Airport (DAL)

Antalya International Airport has two main terminal buildings – Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The two buildings are not connected and it is not possible to walk between them safely.

1410 AYT Airport Map

Terminal 1 has a Domestic side (İç Hatları) which services flights coming from Istanbul and inside Turkey, and an International side (Dış Hatları) which services major year-round airlines.

Terminal 2 is open just for the height of tourist season and services charter flights direct from other countries.

In arranging a private transfer it is important to note which terminal your flight will arrive and depart from.

From Antalya it is approximately 90 minutes to Çıralı by private transfer and 3.5 hours to Kaş.

Dalaman International Airport has one main Terminal building with a Domestic side and an International side.

From Dalaman it is approximately 25 minutest to Göcek by private transfer and 2.5 hours to Kaş.

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