Preparing For Your Swim Training Event

Items You Should Bring

For a single session per day…

  • a close-fitting swim suits
  • a pairs of goggles
  • anti-fog for goggles (baby shampoo works great!)
  • swim cap (especially if you have long hair)
  • towel
  • shower sandals
  • shower toiletries
  • dry clothes to wear during break time

If more than one session per day, consider bringing…

  • a second swim suit
  • a second towel
  • a spare pair of goggles (in case one breaks)
  • water
  • snack
Optional Items To Bring

Items you may want to bring, if they will be useful to you…

  • Thermal swim shirt (if you anticipate being particularly cold)
  • Nose-clip
  • Shower or deck robe
  • Phone (for recording any verbal comments from your instructor at the end)
  • Snacks to share with your instructor and pool mates!
  • Notebook or preferred note-taking device
  • Flash-drive (to collect your video file)
Sun Protection

Some of our (warmer) seasonal training events may be held outdoors. In this case, protection from the sun is one of the higher safety concerns. Please take extra caution to protect yourself – the effects of over-exposure to the sun can be hidden while training in the pool or being around water.

  • Apply a ‘particle’ block type sun screen (such as the zinc and titanium-oxide kind put on babies) to your skin
  • Wear a rash-guard or sunblock swim shirt
  • Wear a ‘shorty’ wetsuit or tri speed suit
  • Wear UVA UVB full block goggles
  • Wear a sun hat while on deck
  • Hydrate well HOURS BEFORE coming to the training event

At break times check your skin for redness and tenderness, especially around the suit edges and shoulders.

Keeping Comfortable Temperature

We understand how important it is for your body to stay at a comfortable temperature so you can more easily focus and learn (and the instructor too!).

The water temperature and air temperature at any facility may vary. We do our best to select facilities which maintain adequate and consistent conditions. However, people vary a lot in their personal sense of comfort under the variety of conditions. Please anticipate what you may need to bring to keep your self adequately warm (or cool) in the particular environment.

We will keep an eye on you and look for signs of discomfort (if you are not already letting us know). We can always take some break time during the sessions. You are welcome to give yourself a break or advocate for your needs during the session. We will do our best to help you stay comfortable.

If you have any concerns, please contact us to inquire about the known conditions of the facility.

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