Mindful Swim Meditations

Fresh focal points tweeted weekly to improve your attention and control


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”



Entry and Extension


Head Position


Breathing Position


Applying Power


Each Mindful Swim Meditation is a point of focus for your attention while practicing for improvement. Each meditation will highlight some important detail of your stroke and its effect on your performance – in terms of ease, enjoyment, efficiency and speed. These meditations may serve you as a fresh reminder on how attention to little detail in your training will add up to great improvements in your swimming.

Monthly Theme, Weekly Delivery

Each month there will be a new theme on some improvement topic most commonly needed among swimmers. An instruction will be delivered to you each week, which will draw your attention to a detail of your stroke within that theme.

How To Use Them

You may insert this MSM focal point into your current practice plan as one of the focal points you will use for that practice, or all week. You may go for a continuous swim and keep attention on this MSM to more deeply ingrain it as a habit over hundreds of strokes. You may insert a special focal point swim in your warm-up or practice each day and use this MSM for that swim.

Searching The Archive

You may view the tweet archive of these Mindful Swim Meditations on our Twitter page.