You Can Run Better Than Ever!

Through private or semi-private lessons, learn better technique

and better training methods, more suitable to your body and goals.



Would you like to make running movement safer and stronger,

allowing you to go longer and enjoy it more?

Learn a much safer, more comfortable, and more efficient way to run and train.

You will enjoy running more than ever!

Private training is suitable for those who…

  • have not run previously.
  • have run but would like to run faster.
  • have running-related injury, aches or pains.
  • feel the need for improving running form.
  • feel inefficient in movement.
  • feel out of shape.
  • feel self-conscious and would like some privacy while learning.
  • need accountability to exercise.
  • know little about proper running and training.

If there is any doubt, it would be appropriate to be cleared by your doctor (and perhaps a sports physio-therapist for those who have been injured) to participate in a run training program.

If you have any questions about whether you are ready for private training please contact us to discuss your situation.

Dates and Times
There are a wide variety of days and times would could possibly meet for private training in Salem – weekday mornings, mid-days and some early evenings, and Saturdays.

To start, you may propose a few convenient times for you and then see how close Coach Mat can match your schedule to his.

You may start with a single lesson (and price) and switch to a lesson series (and discount price) afterward.

Typically, it takes 3 to 4 lesson-hours to cover the full set of fundamental running skills. And then you may continue with advanced skills and training, if you like. Our lesson series packages encourage that minimum number of hours.

Single Lesson with Coach Mat

  • 60 minutes Lesson: $90
  • 90 minutes Lesson: $120
  • Add up to three friends, $40 each, per lesson

(3 or More) Lesson Series Package with Coach Mat

  • 60 minutes Lessons: $81 per lesson
  • 90 minutes Lessons: $108 per lesson
  • Add up to three friends, $40 each, per lesson

*The group should be composed of people of similar starting skill level. If in doubt, let’s discuss it.

Continuing students receive the Lesson Package pricing, if taking a lesson at least once a quarter.

If taking a single lesson with us for the first time, we highly recommend a 90 minute lesson. We’ll uncover a lot. You’ll be focused and time goes by quickly.

Family prices (for 3 or more parents and children) are available also. Please inquire for more details.

For best learning, it would be preferable to schedule your first series of lessons within a 2-month time-frame. Extensions may be considered for difficult circumstances.

Private run training sessions can be conducted at a variety of outdoor locations around Salem – Wallace Park, Waterfront Park, Bush Park, and Minto Brown Park, and at various high school tracks.

If our sessions could benefit from indoor training and equipment we may meet at Courthouse Club Fitness. You do not need to be a member to work with Coach Mat in the clubs (you will need to fill out a registration and waiver).

Courthouse Club Fitness West Salem

300 Glen Creek Road NW

Salem, Oregon 97304

Phone: (503) 581-3171

Included in this program:

  • An attentive, patient, encouraging coach-guided session
  • Access to your session notes and additional resources on our online training site
  • Video analysis as needed
  • Specific, personal technique and injury-reduction/prevention guidance from your coach

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