You Can Run Better Than Ever!

A 4-week lesson series to develop safer, stronger technique

for running your first 5K race, or running 5K feeling better than ever

Hosted at Courthouse Fitness West Salem


Would you like to make running safer for your body and training more enjoyable for your mind?

In this lesson series learn how to improve your perception, posture and movement patterns.

Tap into a much safer, more comfortable, and more efficient way to run.

You will enjoy running more than ever!

The program also provides you with a 12-week training plan for 5km (3.1 mile) distance, with 3 workouts per week.


This course is intended for those who…

  • have not run 5km (3.1 mile) distance before.
  • have run 5km before, but did not feel good.
  • have run 5km before but would like to run it faster.
  • have running-related injury, aches or pains.
  • feel the need for improving running form.
  • feel inefficient in movement.
  • feel out of shape.
  • need accountability to exercise.
  • know little about proper running and training.

If there is any doubt, it would be appropriate to be cleared by your doctor (and perhaps a sports physio-therapist for those who have been injured) to participate in a run training program.

If you have any questions about whether you are ready for this program please contact us to discuss your situation.

Training Levels

In this program we will work with runners on two levels (and you may have needs in both levels):

Level 1

You would like to run continuously a 5K (3.1 miles) for the first time, and do it injury-free. 

For this we have two development tracks:

  • 1a – develop the ability to use run/walk intervals for the entire distance
  • 1b – develop the ability to run continuously for 5K miles

Level 2

You would like to run a 5K feeling better and performing better than you have before.

Dates and Times

The lesson series covers 4 weeks: 4 lessons and 1 final time trial to test your new skills and fitness. The first lesson is 90 minutes long and the following three are 60 minutes.

Training sessions are held at Courthouse Fitness West Salem, meeting at first in the basketball gym, and then usually moving outdoors.

If these dates and times are not suitable, you may arrange a private training series at a wide variety of days and hours.

November 2019 Schedule

Sign up for one group…

  • Monday mornings at 9:00 am, starting November 4
  • Or we may form a group at a more convenient time, if there are two or more interested

December 2019 Schedule

Sign up for one group…

  • Monday mornings at 9:00 am, starting December 2
  • Or we may form a group at a more convenient time, if there are two or more interested



Group Lesson Series

Applies to the weekly scheduled group lesson dates and times

  • Members of Courthouse Fitness – $180 for four lessons
  • Non-Members – $200 for four lessons

Courthouse Club Fitness West Salem

300 Glen Creek Road NW

Salem, Oregon 97304

Phone: (503) 581-3171


Included in this program:

  • Four coach-guided lessons, 60 minutes long (first session may go a bit longer)
  • Final 5km Time Trial event
  • Access to your lesson outline and additional resources on our online training site
  • 12-week 5km training plan
  • Specific, personal technique and injury-reduction/prevention guidance from your coach

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