Half-Marathon Run Training Program

A 10 (+2 bonus) program to run your first 13.1 mile race, or a faster 13.1 feeling better than ever. 

Hosted at Courthouse Fitness West Salem


Have you succeeded in running a few miles and ready to run more?

Try a half-marathon (13.1 miles)!

Join our 10-week training program to improve your running fitness.

Learn better technique to reduce injury and strain.

Enjoy training more than ever.


This half-marathon training program is well-suited to those who have recently been training for shorter running distances, and feel ready for more distance. This training will build upon that fitness base. If you are new to running, been away for quite a while, or are dealing with pain and injury in your running we strongly recommend that you begin technique and fitness training for short distances first, to build a safe and strong foundation for longer distance running. 5K and then 10K would be more suitable distances to start with.

This program would suit:

  • Those who have been cleared by a doctor (and perhaps a sports physio-therapist for those who have been injured) to participate in run training and racing.
  • Those who can currently run 3 miles continuously (or 30 minutes) without injury or pain (discomfort is OK because we will show you how to reduce that and avoid injury). 
  • Those who have been running 12 miles a week or more for the previous month.
  • Or, those who have a long history of running, with a substantial running base in this last year, and have only recently taken some time away.

If you have any questions or doubts about whether you are ready for this program please contact us to discuss your situation.

Training Levels

In this program we will work with runners on two levels (and you may have needs in both levels):

Level 1

You would like to run continuously a half-marathon (13.1 miles or 21 km) for the first time, and do it injury-free. 

For this we have two development tracks:

  • 1a – develop the ability to run continuously for 13.1 miles
  • 1b – develop the ability to use run/walk intervals for the entire distance

Level 2

You would like to run a half-marathon feeling better and performing better than you have before.

Fall 2018 Schedule

Fall 2018 Schedule

We have set up a 12-week training schedule to prepare for a local race this winter:

  • Dates to be announced in August…

Weekly Group Training

Weekly Coach-Guided Training Sessions are held at Courthouse Fitness West Salem:

  • Days and times to be announced in August…

You may sign up to regularly attend one of those sessions.


Members of Courthouse Fitness – $150

Non-Members – $225

Participants in this program will receive a 20% discount in the Spirit Of Oregon Half-Marathon. ($70 for early registration – 20% discount). Participation in the race is optional. You will make your registration and payment for the Spirit Of Oregon Half-Marathon separately from this program registration and payment. We will give a special discount code to each participant in our training program.


Courthouse Club Fitness West Salem

300 Glen Creek Road NW

Salem, Oregon 97304

Phone: (503) 581-3171


Included in this program:

  • 10-week (+ 2 bonus weeks) half-marathon training plan – either Level 1a, Level 1b, or Level 2 (plans will be emailed to you each month)
  • Weekly coach-guided training session (most weeks)
  • Specific, personal technique and injury-reduction/prevention guidance from your coach
  • 20% discount for the Spirit Of Oregon Half-Marathon registration
  • Email access to your coach for guidance on your personal practice times

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