Guided Practice Groups

in Portland and Salem, Oregon

Continue to develop your skills and fitness each week with our Coach Guided Practice Group. Enjoy structured, principled training, that is customized to your level and needs. Receive attentive guidance, feedback and encouragement from your coach. Practice in our friendly, accepting environment with like-minded swimmers.

Mediterra is a founding member of the international SwimMastery community of coaches formed around the values of longevity and wellbeing in the sport, through the lifelong process of skill mastery. Sharing these values, SwimMastery serves the needs of like-minded swim coaches and swim students across their aquatic lifespans, as needs and goals change. We combine the latest insights and evidence-based methods from physics, physiology, and psychology to guide what we teach, how we teach, and the mindsets we form around our practice. Join us for a transformational swim training experience.

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$20 per person, per session.

 Note that swimmers may be sharing lanes (up to 3 swimmers per lane).

As attendance improves, we may add more session times to the week. Your regular attendance will greatly help us build momentum.

Please book your spot in the group 24 hours in advance, so the coach will know who will be there and anticipate what kind of practices will be needed.

Dates and Times

Dates and Times in Salem

Hosted by Courthouse Club Fitness in Salem, Oregon

Friday Mornings

More times may be requested. Just let us know you are interested in other hours.

The sessions are 60 minutes. You may arrive and depart as you please. You are encouraged to arrive early to do your own warm up, and you may stay later to continue to practice, if you like.Participants are added to our mailing list and receive updates on any changes to the practice schedule.

Dates and Times in Portland

Hosted by Mittleman Jewish Community Center in SW Portland, Oregon

At the moment, MJCC has limited hours available to us because of lifeguard staffing challenges (like many other places!). We will be sure to announce when we can resume Guided Practice Groups here.

Training Overview

Training Overview

These practice sessions will help you continue your personal development of stroke skills as well as improve your fitness for your goals. Whether you are swimming for pleasure, fitness, or performance, you will be welcome and guided appropriate to your needs.

During these sessions you will receive coach guidance and feedback on improving particular stroke skills, while improving fitness for your particular goal.

You get to practice with others who have similar value for swimming smarter, safer, stronger.

You will receive encouragement and kind accountability for pursuing your personal goals.

You will be provided with a structured practice to develop particular skills and aspect of your muscular and metabolic fitness. The group may be divided into 2 or 3 smaller skill groups, depending on who is attending that day.

We will be focused predominantly on freestyle (crawl) stroke and associated pool skills (like turns), but may include, if you like, other stroke styles and leg work occasionally.

A Bit More Info

A Bit More Info

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

You may want to view Your Training Progression to get an idea of how to get the most out of your training with Mediterra.

You may view the Levels Of Proficiency to see which skills you may want to work on first.

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This group is suitable for those who have taken a series of lessons with Mediterra. It is intended for those who have studied with one of our coaches and are now familiar with the skills, drills, and terminology that is used extensively in the swim club sessions. Adult swimmers – male and female, younger and older, slower and faster, fit and getting in shape – are warmly welcomed.

You do not need to be of any particular fitness or skill level to participate – all levels are welcome. We will help tailor the sessions to fit you.

If you have not been in a lesson with one of our coaches yet feel you might be prepared to participate, please contact us to discuss your goals and needs. We want to find a way to meet your needs.We are pleased to gently work with those who may feel strong fear or anxiety in the water. We recommend that you start first with a private lesson or with our Pool Comfort course to experience our method for removing that stress from your water experience.

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