Open Water Swim Clinics

in Oregon for Summer 2022

In Mediterra’s open water clinics you will experience a pleasing tune-up for your body and mind. You’ll learn how to improve technique,  increase economy and ease, and increase confidence and flow. These clinics are suitable for swimmers new to open water and intermediate level. Sessions are gentle and encouraging, focused technical and mental skill development. These atmosphere is non-competitive and the group swims are intended as a pleasant tour, not a workout.

Mediterra is a founding member of the international SwimMastery community of coaches formed around the values of longevity and wellbeing in the sport, through the lifelong process of skill mastery. Sharing these values, SwimMastery serves the needs of like-minded swim coaches and swim students across their aquatic lifespans, as needs and goals change. We combine the latest insights and evidence-based methods from physics, physiology, and psychology to guide what we teach, how we teach, and the mindsets we form around our practice. Join us for a transformational swim training experience.

Personal OW Coaching

Other Saturdays and Sundays in May through October

Personal OW Coaching Description
On most Sunday mornings, when not at these other clinic locations, we are swimming (9 am) and coaching (after 9am) at Turner Lake, near Salem.

Coaching sessions are $30 for 30 minutes or $60 for 60 minutes. Contact us to schedule.

Turner Lake – near Salem, Oregon

Sundays, July 3, July 31, Aug 28

Turner Lake Clinic Description
Turner Lake is about 10 minutes southeast of Salem, in Turner, Oregon.

Meet at the park and boat ramp on the south side of the lake. Look for the Mediterra logo on our vehicle.

The clinic is from 8:30 to 10:00 am. The group swim is from 10:30 to 12:00, to do our thing before heat, beach crowds and paddling traffic picks up.

Hagg Lake – near Gaston, Oregon

Sundays, July 17, Aug 14, Sept 11

Hagg Lake Clinic Description
Henry Hagg Lake is southwest of Forest Grove, Oregon.

Meet at the Henry Hagg Lake Boat Ramp on the west side of the lake. Look for our tent and banner by the swimming area to the right (southeast) side of the park.

The clinic is from 8:30 to 10:00 am. The group swim is from 10:30 to 12:00, to do our thing before heat, beach crowds and boat traffic picks up.

Willamette River, Salem

Saturdays, June 4, June 18

More Information

Training Description

Our clinic and swim is intended to provide you with a safe, supportive, and peaceful atmosphere to explore your body and mind in our beautiful Oregon lakes. This is a self-paced, non-competitive, no pressure activity, with just a small group of like-minded swimmers and coaches who love what you love.

Clinic Focus

We will customize the activities and skill work to fit the interests of those who attend. We will likely form 2 groups:

One group will explore introductory open water swimming skills to help you become comfortable in this body of water.

The other group will explore intermediate or advanced skills that are requested by those who participate, or the coach will choose something interesting for you!

We will adapt to conditions as we find them in these lakes in July and August. We would like to help you learn how to swim with more comfort and confidence in whatever nature delivers. Skills may include directing attention to remain calm and at peace, easier breathing, maintaining stability and precision, basic pace control, negotiating small wind-driven waves and currents, navigation, and delaying fatigue, practicing mindfulness and other attention-training games.

This may be a good opportunity to swim in your wetsuit if you prefer to use one. The various lakes may be anywhere from the  65 F to 75 F. The weather and the intensity of the sun will affect the surface temperatures of the lakes.

We will be attentive to everyone’s comfort in cool water. If you like, you are welcome to make short sessions in the water, get out and warm up for a while, then get back in for a bit more.

We will give attention to training your mental and emotional skills to make swimming more enjoyable and rewarding than ever.


Swim Focus

For the second part of our time at the lake we will set up a couple swim exploration opportunities.

One group may stay near the shore or near our entry point and swim loops out and around the coach-kayak or around a buoy course we set up.

Another group may follow a coach-kayak for an out-and-back swim.

View our guidelines on Levels Of Proficiency for to see how we organize our skill levels.  You may contact us to discuss your needs and see which clinic or group may be most suitable for you.





Group Size

With our 2 coaches, each clinic is intended to serve up to 8 swimmers total.


Skills Clinics

$40 per person, per clinic.

Group Swim

$20 per person. Fees go to our kayak escort.

For our Hagg Lake events, we are partnering with our friends at Swim Oregon who will provide the skilled kayak escort.

You may come for just the clinic or just the swim, or both. We have created this opportunity for you to meet up and swim safely with our (your) tribe of people who appreciate swimming this same way.

Clinic Schedule

With summer getting hotter and the beaches getting more popular, we will aim to start earlier in the day before the peak heat, crowds and boats.


Each location may have a different start time. We plan to provide 90 minutes for coaching attention. You can swim as much or as little as you please in this time frame.

Group Swim

Each location will have a different start time. We plan to provide up to 60 minutes for the group swim. You can swim as much or as little as you please in this time frame.Times are subject to being flexible because of weather or circumstances that might come up at each location. We will keep in close communication with participants to let you know about any changes to the schedule.

Price Including / Excluding

Included in the Clinic fee

  • Coach attention and guidance during the window of time
  • Discussions on topics of your interest


Not Included

  • Travel to our training location
  • Food
  • Activity or medical insurance

More Lake Info

Henry Hagg Lake

View natural information about Henry Hagg Lake in the Atlas of Oregon Lakes.

Cottage Grove Lake

View natural information about Cottage Grove Lake in the Atlas of Oregon Lakes.

Foster Lake

View natural information about Foster Lake in the Atlas of Oregon Lakes.

Devils Lake

View natural information about Devils Lake in the Atlas of Oregon Lakes.

Cultus Lake

View natural information about Cultus Lake in the Atlas of Oregon Lakes.

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