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In Mediterra’s open water swim camps you will experience pleasing transformations in body and mind.
Improve Technique  ~  Increase Economy and Endurance ~  Increase Confidence and Flow
For swimmers new to open water, intermediate, advanced, and marathon distances athletes.
Adults are welcome, especially older adults and seniors, and families too.

Main Information

COVID Concerns
Like so many others, our future events and activities are dependent on what happens with the global response to COVID-19 and access to pools, open water and travel. You can check out our COVID-19 update page to see our latest news on this. Thank you for your interest and support!
Each camp has a different price, related to the location, time of year and agenda.

Camp prices are divided into the Training Fee and the Lodging Fee and Companion Fee. You may arrange your own lodging and pay only the training fee.

Alumni of 4 or more swim camps receive a 10% discount on their training fee, not to be combined with other discounts.

Participants with companions are welcome. Those companions are warmly welcome to accompany us to various training locations and activities. The companion fee covers these expenses.

Family participants are welcome too. Parents with student-age children (approximately 12 years and older) are welcome to participate as a family. We accept student-age participants only if the parent is participating also. We offer special pricing for families. Please inquire to learn more.

A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the session for each individual. Full payment for the camp is due 30 days before the start of the event.

You may read more about Our Pricing Explained.

You may read more about our Terms for Training Events.

Training Overview
Under the guidance of our skilled, experienced and encouraging open water coaches, you will increase your physical and mental skills for swimming in a variety of sea conditions, and expanding your capabilities for longer distance and higher intensity swimming. We customize the swims for each group, according to skill, fitness and interest.

Some camps are focused on serving those at Intro to OW and Intermediate Level, and some are focused on Intermediate and Advanced Level. You may read more about how we organize the progression of skills and training on our Levels Of Proficiency page. If you have any doubts or questions about which would be suitable for you, please contact us to discuss – we’re glad to help you find the one that fits your needs.

Our instructors are exceptional in their understanding and approach to teaching and guiding swim students. Our principle-based and neurologically sensitive learning methods will guide you into the safer, stronger, longer lasting movement patterns for swimming and handling open water conditions.  Your understanding and appreciation for your body and the water will likely expand. Your training activities will help strengthen attention in your mind, improve control in your body, and increase confidence and enjoyment of being in wild water.

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Choose Your Region

Caribbean Sea Region

Caribbean Swim Camps Description
We aim to meet up in the wonderful tropical Caribbean Sea region between January and April.

Due to global COVID conditions and travel concerns we have postoned camps until 2022. Keep watching this space for next dates. 

Mediterranean Sea Region

Mediterranean Swim Camps Description

For over 10 years we have been enjoying marvelous swimming and training camps in the Mediterranean region, usually in June and late September. We have the most amazing swim terrain and hospitality here!

Due to global COVID conditions and travel concerns we have postoned camps until 2022. Keep watching this space for next dates. 

Pacific Northwest USA

Pacific NW USA Camps Description

In our home region of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest part of the USA, we have moved to a 1-day open water clinic format. Clinics run from June through September.

You may read more information about these on our Open Water Swim Clinics page.

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