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Become A TI Coach

Opportunities for TI Coach Certification in Europe and Beyond

We are excited that you are considering the possibility of becoming a certified Total Immersion Coach.

As part of the global network of swim instruction professionals (over 200 certified instructors in 30+ countries worldwide) Mediterra also develops and certifies Total Immersion Instructors who are dedicated to personal and professional excellence in coaching and in their own swimming. Total Immersion Instructors guide swimmers in the most effective and satisfying swim improvement method in the world.

In our certification course you will learn:

  • How to teach the Total Immersion freestyle drill sequence.
  • How to set up a ‘super-learning’ environment.
  • How to diagnose problems and prescribe solutions using video analysis.
  • How to design and lead skill-improving practices.

2012-10 Windsor CCC Video thumbnail

Click to watch the video of one Coach Certification Camp

in Windsor UK, October 2012.

Video by TI Coach Johnny Widen (Sweden).

Please be aware that, after coach training, Total Immersion will collect a monthly licensing fee to use the TI brand and logo, and require certified coaches to participate in TI’s continuing education program to retain certification as a TI Coach. For more information, please visit the Become A TI Coach page on the Total Immersion website.

12-14 March, 2017

Moscow, Russia

Price: $1900 USD

You may receive a $200 discount if you apply and pay the deposit to Total Immersion before 1 January.

Enrollment is limited to 12 approved candidates.

 You may contact us to request your application.



Steps To Becoming A TI Coach

Step 1 – Experience TI As A Student

Learn and practice TI stroke technique by attending a live TI training event, or receiving a series of lessons from a certified TI Coach. TI has a very unique way of learning and teaching. We would like you to experience TI as a student before you learn to teach it.

Step 2 – Master The Stroke And Drills

Practice both the TI freestyle stroke and the main drills presented in the TI Ultra-Efficient Freestyle video series. You will submit a link to video of your comfortable demonstration of the stroke and these 4 drills.

Step 3 – Apply For The Course

Apply for the coach training course, attend, and complete the TI Coach 1.0 Certification Course (3 days).

More Info & The Application

Read more about Becoming A TI Coach on the TI website.

And you may view the Course Application.

For more information regarding one of the specific course in Europe you may contact us any time.

Travel & Lodging Info


We will be glad to advise you on how to make your way to our training location. In some cases a Letter Of Invitation may be required in order to get a visa to enter the country we are hosting our training event in. We will be able to provide you with this if needed.


For each event we have arranged a hotel near the pool facility at a modest cost. Our students and trainers will be staying together in the same hotel, which may include our classroom and pool facilities for greatest convenience.

Payment for lodging, food and extra hotel expenses will be paid by each guest directly to the hotel upon checkout.

Plan to exchange some of your currency into local currency and bring a credit card to conveniently take care of your extra expenses.