Customized Workshops

Upon request in Portland and in Salem Oregon, USA

We can set up a 1-day or 2-day or 3-day workshop to fit your needs and pace. 

Just you or form a private group with friends of similar skill level.

Learn the fundamental freestyle skills, or learn the other competitive strokes.

Learn advanced stroke skills and training techniques. We customize to your interests.


Acquire the fundamental skills for the freestyle stroke in 4 lessons over a 2-day weekend. Whether new or experienced, you are sure to fill gaps in your fundamental skills to help you swim easier, farther and faster.

Personal Attention

You coach provides in-water demonstrations, hands-on guidance, feedback and encouragement to super-charge your small group learning and skill development. Up to 4 students per group.

Online Support

Access lesson notes, follow a training course, maintain a dialog with your coach, and study the abundant online training library with a 2-month membership to our Mediterra Swim Dojo.


Pricing is based on the number of people in your group and session length, with a minimum of 2 sessions per workshop event.

For 90 minute sessions:

  • 1 person – $108 per session
  • 2 people – $162 per session
  • 3 people – $216 per session
  • 4 people – $270 per session

For 60 minute sessions:

  • 1 person – $81 per session
  • 2 people – $117 per session
  • 3 people – $153 per session
  • 4 people – $189 per session

There may additional discussion time outside of the pool sessions.

*The group should be composed of people of similar starting skill level. If in doubt, let’s discuss it.

Family prices (for at least one parent and children) are available also. Please inquire for more details.

Dates and Times

Weekend workshops are now scheduled upon request. Please inquire about available weekends and locations.

Workshop lessons may be arranged like this:

  • One session on Friday evening, two on Saturday, and one on Sunday morning, or
  • Two sessions on Saturday, two sessions on Sunday

We may schedule customized workshops at any of the five locations of Courthouse Club Fitness in Salem, Oregon, depending on the pool schedule.


We may schedule customized workshops at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center in SW Portland, Oregon, depending on the pool schedule.


Training Overview

In the Freestyle Technique Lesson Series, there are four lessons:

  • Lesson 1 and 2 – Learn balance, core stabilization, streamline shape, recovery arm and streamline breathing.
  • Lesson 3 and 4 – Learn the underwater catch/hold, torso power, ideal stroke timing, and rhythmic breathing.

Our principle-based and neurologically sensitive learning method will guide your body into the safest, strongest, longest lasting movement patterns for swimming. These activities will strengthen attention in the mind, and improve control over the body. You will acquire an improved relationship with your body and with the water. We will start with drills then emphasize whole-stroke practice with focal points to help you imprint new skills.

For each skill we will move through three steps during the training:

  1. Introduction to the the skills, the relevant focal points, and the drills we may use.
  2. In-water demonstration, hands-on correction and feedback from the instructor.
  3. Guided practice for you to integrate the new skills

You may read more about how we organize the progression of skills and training on our Levels Of Proficiency page.

More Information

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

You may want to view Your Training Progression to get an idea of how to get the most out of your training with Mediterra.

You may view the Levels Of Proficiency to see which skills you may want to work on first.

You may want to read more…


This event is suitable for those who…

  • Are learning freestyle stroke for the first time
  • Can swim freestyle but would like to make it much better

We are pleased to gently work with those who may feel strong fear or anxiety in the water. We recommend that you start first with a private lesson or with our Pool Comfort course to experience our method for removing that stress from your water experience. 


Pool sessions

Video analysis session may be included

Pool sessions are 60 or 90-minute in water (with breaks as needed)

In pool, hands-on guidance from coach

Homework provided for your practice between sessions 

2-month access to one of our suitable online training courses

Silicon swim cap

Access to club changing room and pool (for non-members)

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