Pool Comfort Course

Courthouse Fitness – Salem, Oregon


Enjoy our method to gently remove fear and acquire the skills that will increase your safety and ease in the water.

Learn to position your body and move in a way which allows water to support you, reducing the amount you must work.

Discover how to float, submerge, breath, move, turn, roll and make your way peacefully along the surface.

This course is divided into three one-hour lessons; for individuals and small groups up to 3 people. 




$180 for one-on-one ($60 per lesson hour).

$300 for a group of 2 ($50 per person, per lesson hour).

$360 for a group of 3 ($40 per person, per lesson hour). 

Bring a friend or two to form a training group!


Up to 3 students per coach

Dates and Time

Your lessons can be scheduled with Coach Mat.

A wide variety of days and times are available at Courthouse pools.

You may schedule 1 or 2 lessons per week. It is helpful if you will be able to schedule your own practice time between lesson.


This course is intended for those who experience strong fear or anxiety in water, who have a hard time submerging the face underwater, and for those who would like to feel more comfortable in the water before taking full swim lessons.

This course is recommended for those who would like to take the aqua fitness course, but are not comfortable yet in taking feet off the floor of the pool or submerging your face underwater. This course will prepare you to safely handle those likely situations in the pool.


3 sequential lessons.

Sessions are 60 minutes in pool.

The instructor is in the water with you, ready to guide with words, hands, and personal feedback.

Access to club changing room and pool (for guests at Courthouse Fitness).