Pool Comfort Course

Enjoy patient, gentle, skilled guidance to help you gain comfort and confidence in the water.
Learn to submerge your face, hold your breath, float and move peaceful on the surface.
If you are not quite ready for swim lessons, this is the right step to get you there.
Three one-hour lessons; for individuals and small, private groups up to 3 people. 

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$195 for one-on-one ($65 per lesson hour).

$330 for a group of 2 ($55 per person, per lesson hour).

$405 for a group of 3 ($45 per person, per lesson hour).

Bring a friend or two to form a private training group!

Dates and Times in Salem

Hosted by Courthouse Fitness in Salem, Oregon

Your lesson times can be scheduled with Coach Mat or Coach Jamee.

A wide variety of days and times are available at Courthouse pools.

You may schedule 1 or 2 lessons per week. It is helpful if you will be able to schedule your own practice time between lesson.

Dates and Times in Portland

We are sad to announce that Turtles Yoga in Beaverton has closed as of March 1, so we are no longer using that pool for our lessons.

We are working urgently on find a new pool location in the Portland Metro area. Contact us if you have any questions or you have a contact at a pool you believe to be suitable for our kind of services.

We are continuing to offer full swim services in Salem at five location of the Courthouse Club Fitness network, with openings 7 days a week, 14 hours a day. If it works for you to drive down to Salem, we are glad to work with you there, until we have a new location in Portland.

Personal Practice Required

It is important to your progress that you practice on your own between lessons, at least once, if not two or three times. Please hold off on scheduling lessons until you have room in your schedule to include those personal practice times between. They don’t need to be long practice sessions, but frequent practice will be very good for you.


This lesson series is intended for those who experience strong fear or anxiety in water, who have a hard time submerging the face underwater, and for those who would like to feel more comfortable in the water before taking full swim lessons.

This would be recommended for those who would like to take the aqua fitness course, but are not comfortable yet in taking feet off the floor of the pool or submerging your face underwater. This course will prepare you to safely handle those likely situations in the pool.


3 sequential lessons.

Sessions are 60 minutes in pool.

The instructor is in the water with you, ready to guide with words, hands, and personal feedback.

Access to club changing room and pool (for guests at Turtles).


This was a fantastic experience! Thank you so much for your through approach to teaching swimming, going at my pace and positive encouragement. Your dedication and understanding made a big difference in my ability to trust you and the process. I look forward to future success in the pool and hope to take classes from you in the future.

Jen - Salem, Oregon

During the first class, I practiced putting my head under water and blowing bubbles over and over and over again. Finally, I practiced suspending one leg, then two legs. Coach Jamee, who is so calm and friendly, held onto me gradually letting go until I floated by myself for a few minutes. This was Major Progress.

Giselle - Portland, Oregon