Private Lessons And Training

with TI Master Coach Mat Hudson



Courthouse Fitness Facilities

Salem, Oregon USA

Enjoy new insights and ease in your swimming.

Balance Your Body

Find the neutral position for your body between the forces of gravity and water, to remove struggle, to increase ease. 

Align Your Body

Improve shape and alignment of movements to reduce water resistance and channel more energy into forward motion.

Coordinate Movement

Improve the precision and timing of your movement patterns to remove power leaks and transfer power more smoothly through your body.

Video Analysis

Observe the external effects of improving your control over body shape and movement patterns, and see where your improvement opportunities are.

Request Private Lessons With Coach Mat in Salem


Per Lesson with Coach Mat

  • 60 minutes: $90 (add a friend for $30)
  • 90 minutes: $120 (add a friend for $40)
  • Add up to three friends, of similar skill level

We recommend a 90-minute session. Time goes by quickly.

Note: we are glad to offer one single lessons to help you correct or improve a feature of your stroke. However, in order to sufficiently understand and acquire the fundamental skills needed for stroke transformation you may likely need to take 4 or more lessons. To ensure the best outcome our pricing plan is designed to encourage at least 4 lessons and to have a friend or two share the lessons with you.

4-Lesson Package

  • $432 for one person ($72 per person, per lesson hour)
  • $576 for you and one friends of similar skill level ($48 per person, per lesson hour)
  • $720 for you and two friends of similar skill level ($40 per person, per lesson hour)

Included in the lesson package:

  • 4x 90 minute Lesson Package (4x 90 minute sessions or 6x 60 minute sessions)
  • Homework for personal practice between lessons
  • Member account on our online training site, with access to our library of training resources
  • Notes for each training sessions recorded on a special page for you
  • 2-month access to our online Freestyle Fundamentals course to guide your personal practice time
  • Silicon swim cap
  • Waterproof notebook

You may choose:

  • An introduction to the full set of fundamental skills of freestyle – balance, streamline, rotation, recovery, breathing skills
  • Or, study a personalized set of skills and lesson – we will examine your needs and decide together

Note: Please schedule the series of four lessons within a 2-month time-frame. Extensions may be considered for difficult circumstances.


Training Overview

Our private training will study the principles and skills developed by Total Immersion, the world’s leading adult swim-improvement program. These activities will strengthen attention in the mind, and improve control over the body. You will acquire an improved relationship with your body and with the water. We will emphasize whole-stroke practice with focal points to help you imprint new skills.


For each skill we will move through three steps during the training:

  1. Introduction to the the skills, the relevant focal points, and the drills we may use.
  2. In-water demonstration, hands-on correction and feedback from the instructor.
  3. Guided practice for you to integrate the new skills

You may read more about how we organized skills on our Levels Of Proficiency page.

Level 1A Skills include:
  • Balance of the body between the natural forces
  • Alignment of the body parts
  • Coordinating Movements of Recovery, Entry, and Extension
  • Interrupted Breathing Position
Level 1B Skills include:
  • The catch (otherwise known as ‘the underwater pull’)
  • The kick
  • Synchronization of whole body propulsion
  • Achieving stroke length suitable to your body
Level 2 skills include:
  • Sustainable stroke length consistency
  • Sustainable tempo consistency
  • Sustainable pace control (suitable to your chosen kind of swimming)

Available Hours

Arrangements have been made with Courthouse group of facilities to hold private training sessions during less crowded hours.

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Early mornings, mid-day, and evenings after 7pm (after pool rush hour)
  • Occasional weekends (when no conflict with schedule events)
  • Usually after 12:00 noon (the pools are nearly empty)

We may be able to arrange other hours, depending on which facility we use. Please inquire with Coach Mat.    

Types Of Training

The most important prerequisite is an open mind to a (possibly) new way of paying attention, and a new way of training your body to master a complex movement art. Through this training you will develop an improved relationship with your body and with the water.

The categories below are one way of organizing swimmer needs. If you have questions about where you fit, please contact us to help you identify your highest priority needs and a training path suitable for those.

These private training opportunities are suitable for those who are:


We are pleased to work one-on-one with anyone who feels strong anxiety or fear in the water, and confident that we can guide you into much greater peace and pleasure. We recommend this be in a one-on-one arrangement rather than a group workshop. At your own pace, you can work with our coach to acquire the underlying skills that establish your comfort and confidence. With those in place, you will have a much easier time progressing in the Levels Of Proficiency, or to enjoy a group-learning setting. 

Ready To Learn Freestyle

We are ready to work with those who cannot swim across the pool, and those who can swim one length of the pool in any stroke style, any speed. You do not need to have prior experience with Total Immersion (TI) methods. We will teach those to you!

And, there are those who may be able to swim with some form of crawl stroke, but you would like to learn how to do it better – faster, more efficiently, with less stress. We will show you how.

Please review the Levels Of Proficiency page to see where you may begin your training.

Ready For Advanced Training

We can take you as far as you want to go in performance, sprinting in the pool or long distance in open water, or just freedom to swim when and where you please. 

Regardless of previous accomplishments and capabilities in swimming, all swimmers who are new to TI are encouraged to experience the Level 1 training to get familiar with the fundamental drills, focal points, concepts and principles. All advanced training in TI is dependent upon this foundation of understanding. 

Ready To Learn Different Strokes

The same Total Immersion teaching method and principles apply to all four standard strokes – crawl, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke. We do recommend that you get acquainted with the method and principles by learning freestyle first, but we are pleased to teach you and train you in all four of these stroke styles.

Additional Resources

For every swimmer, we recommend that you purchase and study the TI Perpetual Motion Freestyle Drill Series (download $30 USD), or the new TI Ultra-Efficient Freestyle Video and Workbook Bundle (download $50 USD). This will put you in a much better position to receive the benefits of a training session, and it will provide the perfect review for your practice afterward.

Coaching Staff

Mat Hudson

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Mediterra Head Coach

TI Master Coach

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