Private Lessons And Training

Enjoy a sensitive, personalized learning process, at your pace, for your goals.


Acquire the peace, the understanding, the mental and the physical skills you need right now to take the next step forward toward your goal: removing fear, increasing ease, improving efficiency, speed or long distance swimming ability.

Personal Attention

You and your coach customizing the learning experience to fit your brain and body. In-water demonstrations, hands-on guidance, feedback and encouragement to super-charge your skill development.

Online Support

Access lesson notes, follow a training course, maintain a dialog with your coach, and study the abundant online training library with a 3-month membership to our Mediterra Swim Dojo.

Thank you, Mat! As I was leaving last night I realized that you had hit the nail right on the head… our lesson focus last night is exactly the piece of the puzzle that I need to work on, and I didn’t know that going into our time. Your diagnostics are really acute and you were able to figure out what direction I needed to take. Thank you once again for your being so present when you teach!

Doug from Portland

More Information


4-Lesson Package with Coach Mat

This may be 4x 90-minute lessons or 6x 60-minute lessons (= total of 6 lesson hours)

  • $432 for one person ($72 per lesson hour, per person)
  • $648 for you and one friend* ($54 per lesson hour, per person)
  • $864 for you and two friends* ($48 per lesson hour, per person)
  • $1080 for you and three friends* ($45 per lesson hour, per person)

*The group should be composed of people of similar starting skill level. If in doubt, let’s discuss it.

Family prices (for 3 or more members) are available also. Please inquire for more details.

4-Lesson Package with Coach Jamee

  • $367 for one person ($62 per lesson hour, per person)
  • $550 for you and one friend of similar skill level ($45 per lesson hour, per person)

Single Lesson with Coach Mat

  • 60 minutes: $90 (add a friend for $60)
  • 90 minutes: $120 (add a friend for $60)
  • Add up to three friends, of similar skill level

Single Lesson with Coach Jamee

  • 60 minutes: $76 (add a friend for $45)
  • 90 minutes: $108 (add a friend for $45)

We recommend a 90-minute session for your first couple. There is a lot to cover and practice. Time goes by quickly.

You may view Our Pricing Explained.

For best learning, it would be preferable to schedule your first series of lessons within a 2-month time-frame. Extensions may be considered for difficult circumstances.

Personal Practice Required

It is important to your progress that you practice on your own between lessons, at least once, if not two or three times. Please hold off on scheduling lessons until you have room in your schedule to include those personal practice times between. They don’t need to be long practice sessions, but frequent practice will be very good for you.

Available Days and Hours in Salem

Hosted by Courthouse Club Fitness in Salem, Oregon

Private lessons may be scheduled with Coach Mat on these days…

  • Some early mornings are available 5:00 am to 7:00.
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings 9:00 to 12:00.
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday after 11:00 am.
Available Days and Hours in Beaverton

Hosted by Turtles Yoga in Beaverton Oregon

Private lessons may be scheduled with Coach Mat on these days…

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday after 10:00 am.
  • Sundays 9:00 am.

Private lessons may be scheduled with Coach Jamee on these days…

  • Monday, Wednesday after 2:00 pm.
Training Overview

Our principle-based learning method will guide your body into the safest, strongest, longest lasting movement patterns for swimming. These activities will strengthen attention in the mind, and improve control over the body. You will acquire an improved relationship with your body and with the water. We will start with drills then emphasize whole-stroke practice with focal points to help you imprint new skills.

For each skill we will move through three steps during the training:

  1. Introduction to the the skills, the relevant focal points, and the drills we may use.
  2. In-water demonstration, hands-on correction and feedback from the instructor.
  3. Guided practice for you to integrate the new skills

You may read more about how we organize the progression of skills and training on our Levels Of Proficiency page.


Included with a lesson package:

  • Homework for personal practice between lessons
  • Member account on our online training site, with access to our library of training resources
  • Notes for each training sessions recorded on a special page for you
  • 3-month access to one of our suitable online courses to guide your personal practice time
  • Silicon swim cap
  • Waterproof notebook for recording personal practice notes poolside


More Information

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

You may want to view Your Training Progression to get an idea of how to get the most out of your training with Mediterra.

You may view the Levels Of Proficiency to see which skills you may want to work on first.

You may want to read more…

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