Private Training

with TI Master Coach Mat Hudson


Completely Personalized Coaching Attention

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Training Options In Oregon USA


We have a special relationship with Courthouse Fitness, 5 pool facilities located in Salem, the state capitol. A wide range of hours are available.



We have a special relationship with Turtles Yoga & Wellness, located in Beaverton, a suburb in Portland. A wide range of hours are available.


Seasonal Locations

We have various open water and seasonal outdoor pools available. Please inquire about locations and hours.

Your Location

You may have a suitable place we can train together. Please share your special spot.

Bring The Coach To You

Price & Conditions

If our schedules mutually agree, I would be glad to come to your arranged training location.


Per day: $500 USD

Plus reimbursement for:

  • Travel expenses
  • Visitor visa (if applicable)
  • Local transport to training location
  • Modest lodging and food expenses


  • Up to 4 students of similar skill level
  • Maximum of 6 hours per day – including out-of-water discussions.
  • Video analysis, as needed
  • 3-months of continued personal guidance through our online coaching platform, including a training course of your choice.


A non-refundable deposit for the total amount of travel and visa expenses is due just before I purchase my travel tickets.

Private Workshop Overview

I will customize the training entirely to your needs and interests, and that of your small group. We may cover the entire skill sequence or advanced training skill sets if you need to get acquainted with those, or we may focus upon some specific skill projects you already have in mind, or we may run some tests to see what you should work on right now.

Generally, we would follow this development plan:

  1. Review fundamental skills.
  2. Identify your specific, highest priority improvement needs.
  3. Practice and imprint those improvements deeply.
  4. Test and re-assess.

I recommend pool sessions be 90 minutes and 30 minutes for discussion.

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