5K Run Training Program

A 3-months program to run your first 5K, or a faster 5K, feeling better than ever. 

Hosted at Courthouse Fitness West Salem


Make your running much safer for your body and training more enjoyable for your mind.

Build fitness around good technical form to increase efficiency, lower stress on the body, and improve your motivation to run.

A 3-month training plan, organized into three stages of development with up to 50 progressive practices. The training plan is accessed through our online training website.

Weekly live, coach-guided group training sessions (usually weekly). Live training sessions are 60 minutes in Courthouse Fitness West Salem club and outdoors in Wallace Park.

Access the online forum for members of your group to leave reports on personal practice and ask questions of your coach.

Conduct three periodic test runs. At the end of the course you enter a region race of your choice or participate in our informal 5K race in Wallace Park.


$80 per person, per month ($240 total).

Bring a few friends to form a training group!




Up to 8 runners per group.

Dates And Time

Programs will start in October and November, January and February.

A new training group will start when 4 or more people are gathered into a group.

The 1-hour, weekly group training sessions will be scheduled in early morning or day time hours, most convenient for each group. 

Contact Coach Mat to inquire about new groups forming and times.



Courthouse Fitness West Salem

300 Glen Creek Road NW

Salem, Oregon 97304

Phone: (503) 581-3171


This course is intended for those who…

…have not run 5K distance before.

…have run 5K before, but did not feel good.

…have run 5K before but would like to run it faster.

…have running-related injury, aches or pains.

…feel the need for improving running form.

…feel inefficient in movement.

…feel out of shape.

…need accountability to exercise.

…know little about proper running and training.

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