Overview of Mediterra’s Services

in Portland, Oregon USA

We are glad you are interested in our swim instructions!

Our Specializations

Our coaches at Mediterra Swim & Run specialize in working with longevity-oriented adults interested in fitness, triathlon, open water swimming, distance and trail running, injury removal and prevention, and we work gently and skillfully with certain neural and physical disabilities, as well as with those who have fear of water.

Your Swim Lesson Opportunities

For swimming, our specialized adult-appropriate instruction methodology is inspired by the Total Immersion method. We have a marvelous way of teaching all four competitive stroke styles – making extraordinary swimming accessible to ordinary people. You may appreciate taking 15 minutes or so to watch our Introduction To TI Training videos. These will give you an idea of our particular approach to learning and training, likely quite different than what you have seen before.

We offer these swim instruction opportunities in Portland (you may view all them listed here):

Visit those links to see more information about prices, dates and locations, and registration link.

Gently Overcome Fear

For those who feel more fear and anxiety in water, and not quite feeling ready for normal swim lessons, we have a wonderful, gentle approach for easing those in our Pool Comfort lesson series.

Ongoing Training

For those who’ve gone through these series of lessons, several attend our any of our weekly Swim Club sessions where I provide ongoing feedback on their stroke, and guidance on how to train, blending both technical and fitness improvement.

Open Water Swim Camps

And folks from around the world like to join us in beautiful tropical waters for our week-long open water swim camps in the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas, and in the Oregon Cascade Lakes.

Online Training

In addition, our live students are given a membership to our online training site, called the Mediterra Dojo. On this site you may view the notes from each of your lessons, and find a wealth of resources to support your ongoing practice. You may eventually like to join one of our training courses, suitable for triathletes, pool and open water swimmers in a wide range of distances: 100 sprints, 400, 800, 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, 20K and even 40K! All our courses blend technique and fitness development together.

Our Location in SW Portland

Mediterra Swim & Run is an independent service under agreement with Mittleman Jewish Community Center in SW Portland. We schedule lessons on certain days and at certain times that work with their pool schedule. One does not need to be a member to attend, nor pay any additional fee to enter the center for our lessons.

Feel free to send us any questions you may have.