Swim Strokes Training Groups

Courthouse Fitness Facilities – Salem


Improve fitness with emphasis on superior technique in our weekly coach-guided training groups.


Our teams follow a cycle of structured practices to develop your full range of skills and swim-specific fitness.



$15 for a single session

$55 for 4 session package



12 swimmers

Dates And Time

At Battle Creek club
  • Tuesdays evenings
  • May 9, 16, 23, and 30
  • No dates in June, due to Coach Mat’s travel
  • July 18
  • August 1, 15, and 29
  • 7:00 to 8:30 pm




1 session (usually) available per week

Sessions are open for about 90 minutes

Structured practice sets provided

Each set has a specific technical and fitness objective

Coach provides personal feedback, and guidance to improve your technique

Access to club changing room and pool (for non-members)


These practice sessions are intended to serve those who have already completed our Level 1 fundamentals training in a weekend workshop, or in a series of lesson. The skills, the activities, and the terminology used in the practices will reference what was taught in those training events.

Team A is suitable for those who would like a gentle and skill-focused form of swim training.

Team B is suitable for those who would like an intermediate level of challenge for their skills and fitness. Swim speed does not matter.

Team C is suitable for those who are training for specific challenges or competitive events.