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In Dominican Republic, Caribbean Sea

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Intermediate and Advanced Swim Camp

February 12-18, 2018


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Training Description

Main Training Focus

Our training will emphasize improving your intermediate and advanced open water skills.  We will work on adapting to conditions as we find them in the sea in February, to make our swimming safer and more comfortable with whatever nature delivers. This would include pace control, negotiating waves and currents, navigation, and delaying fatigue.

We will place more emphasis on training your mental and emotional skills to make swimming more enjoyable and rewarding than ever.


Skill Level

This camp is for Intermediate and Advanced swimmers. You do not need to be a ‘fast’ swimmer (few people consider themselves to be one), but you do need to have been working on your fundamental Total Immersion stroke skills for some time, with a TI Coach. We will build on these skills for sure, but this camp should not be your first exposure to them. 

View our guidelines on Levels Of Proficiency for to see how we organize our skill levels.  You may contact us to discuss your needs and see which camp may be most suitable for you.


Group Size

This camp is designed to serve 6 to 10 swimmers.



Note that the training fee is separate from the lodging fee:

  • Training Fee per swimmer: $1200
  • 1 person room in one of our villas: $390 for 6 nights
  • 2 person* room in one of our villas: $540 for 6 nights
  • Companion fee**: $80
  • Extra nights in the villa room: $65 for one person, $90 for two-persons.

A full payment or non-refundable deposit of $150 is required per swimmer to secure a spot in this event.

The second swimmer in your shared room will receive a 10% discount.

* To share a room, you must arrange your own room companion – we do not prefer to pair up guests to share rooms.

** Your companion is warmly welcomed in our transport to our training locations and the boat excursion trips, for no additional fees.

If you would like to arrange your own lodging, you may pay the Training Fee only. This fee covers our coaching, staff expenses and logistics for our training each day.



  • 6 nights at our villas
  • Arrival: Monday, 12 February
  • Departure: Sunday, 18 February
  • 5 training days, Tuesday to Saturday, 13-17 February
  • 1 training day we travel to another location for a boat/swim tour
  • 1 afternoon of optional hiking (or ride a horse!)


We recommend arriving in Santo Domingo on Sunday, February 11.

The camp includes 6 nights at our villas, starting Monday, February 12 and departing on Sunday, February 18. It is possible for you to arrange to arrive early or stay later at our lodging. Please arrange your extra nights with us as soon as possible.

We will have 5 training days, Tuesday to Saturday. And you will have opportunity to go swim more often, to rest, to explore.

There is a 25 yard (irregular) pool at the villas and we can set up private coaching sessions and video analysis in our off-hours.


Weekly Schedule

This is our tentative activity schedule. It will be modified to fit our needs, to fit any changes in the weather and to consider other things that might urge us to alter our plans a bit:

  • Monday – arrive at hotel, visit beach (cool off swim?), visit supermarket, group dinner

  • Tuesday – breakfast, morning training, video analysis, late afternoon swim

  • Wednesday – breakfast, morning training, later afternoon swim

  • Thursday – breakfast, travel to Las Galeras for our boat tour/swims

  • Friday – breakfast, morning training, afternoon (optional) hike to El Limon waterfall, evening cool-off swim

  • Saturday – breakfast, adventure swim, afternoon free

Las Terrenas Lodging
We will be staying in the lovely villas of Residencial Madrugada, nestled in the forest, just a 10 minute walk from Playa Bonita.

Yes, it is as lovely in person as it appears in this photo!

And it even has a 25 yard pool in which we can shoot video and practice stroke skills.

We have reserved a variety of  rooms  in their villas. Some rooms are located in single room apartments, some in two-room apartments, and some in 3-room villas. We will do our best to arrange guests in the rooms to best fit the number of people and situation for each entourage.

Each spacious bedroom has either a king or queen size bed, and its own private bathroom. Each bedroom has a ceiling fan and an air conditioner.

Breakfast is included in the lodging fee.

Each room as a kitchenette – a range top, refrigerator, microwave, and a good variety of cooking dishes and kitchen appliances. We will make trips to the amply-supplied supermarket, which has just about everything you’d expect in a big market at home.

Each room has a small, key-lock safe.

There are sitting areas, dining areas and balconies with great views with each apartment or villa.

The apartments have large couches that are designed to serve as single beds also, so it is possible to make a separate bed for a companion or adding a third friend to your entourage (for an additional fee).

Look at the photo gallery to get a better idea of what the rooms look like. 

Laundry services are available us also.

We will have at least one staff rental car for errands. The center of Las Terrenas (restaurants, markets, souvenirs, dancing, etc) might be a bit farther than you care to walk home from. You may hire a local taxi (car or motorcycle!). In town you may rent a bicycle, car, scooter, or motorized quad (which seem to be quite popular among tourists).

Santo Domingo Lodging

We have had good experience using for lodging in DR. You may also consider and AirBnB.

For staying in Santo Domingo and being in a relatively comfortable part of the city, convenient to the Zona Colonial (historic tourist sites), the biggest mall (Agora), restaurants and supermarkets, and near our group transfer meeting point next to the Olympic Park, we recommend finding a place to stay approximately in this region, shown below in the map.

Price Including / Excluding

Included in the camp fee

  • 6 nights, in a standard room at our villas
  • Breakfast at our hotel
  • Coaching and staffing fees
  • At least one video analysis session (you may take your video file)
  • Logistics for our training sessions (transport, escort, etc)


Not Included

  • Airfare to and inside the country.
  • Transfers to/from camp location.
  • Extra nights at hotel.
  • Beverages at mealtime.
  • Lunch and dinner.
  • Travel or medical insurance.
  • Gratuity to service providers (drivers, hotel staff, etc).


Transfer From Airport To Camp

Our Group Transfer

We are preparing to arrange a private group transfer from Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas and back. The  arrangement and price will be determined by the number of people sharing the transfer. Please let us know ASAP that you would like to join this.

Our instructions for joining our group transfer:

  • Arrive in Santo Domingo on Sunday, February 11 (or earlier)
  • Join our group transfer Monday morning, Feb 12 (location to be announced)
  • It takes about 2 hours to reach Las Terrenas, on a wide, nicely paved, highway, traveling past beautiful landscape.
  • Transfer returns to Santo Domingo on Sunday afternoon, February 18
  • Consider spending one night in Santo Domingo and departing on Monday, February 19 (or later)

We hope to keep the price for this under $70 per person for round trip. We’re looking through quotes right now and aiming for both comfort and good price!


Other Transfer Options

First of all, we are pleasantly surprised at how many people speak English and are friendly and eager to help. You may do fine trying to make your way to Las Terrenas without knowing Spanish.

You may rent a car from any of the major auto rental companies at the airport.

There are several private transfer companies listed when searching Google for ‘private airport transfers Santo Domingo’. such as Sun Transfers that you may take to Las Terrenas from the airport or from a hotel in Santo Domingo.

It may be possible to arrange an Uber ride to Las Terrenas.


Dominican Republic Region Map

Maps of the Dominican Republic

This map shows you the position of Las Terrenas and the Las Americanas Internataional Airport in relation to Santo Domingo, the capital city:

And you may see where our lodging is situated in the Las Terrenas region:


Santo Domingo and Las Terranas

The Country of Dominican Republic

Most likely, your flight will arrive in the capital city of Santo Domingo.


The Town Of Las Terranas

We will be staying in the city of Las Terranas, in the Samana Province, of northeast Dominican Republic. It is about a 2 hour drive north of Santo Domingo, on a wide, nicely paved highway.

Preparing For Swim Camp

More information for deciding, preparing and planning to attend a Mediterra Swim Camp – including specific information about our locations.

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