Adult Swim Mastery At Turtles Yoga & Wellness

Beaverton, Oregon USA


Our programs at Turtles Yoga specialize in teaching adults how to swim marvelously.
Learn how to feel so much better on the inside and perform so much better on the outside.


All adults are welcome, especially older adults and seniors.

We encourage you to start with our Freestyle Technique 4-Lesson Series, our Freestyle Fundamentals Weekend Workshop or schedule Private Training sessions to learn the full set of fundamental or advanced skills for swimming with greater ease and efficiency.

The Freestyle Technique course is taught in a 1 to 4 coach/student ratio and follows a specific sequence of skill building lessons. Private training can be arranged for one or more swimmers together, with lessons customized to your needs and pace for learning.

After studying the fundamental freestyle skills you may want to enhance your breathing ease in our Master Class Breathing Live! course and improve your smooth, whole-body propulsion in our Master Class Synchronization Live! course.

Before learning full stroke swimming, if you would like to just work on removing fear and increase your confidence and peace in the water, you may be interested in taking our Pool Comfort course, with 1 to 3 students.

You may view Your Training Progression to help you decide how to begin your training with Mediterra.

Once you have gone through one of our live training events, you may consider joining our Smooth Strokes Practice Group to improve your fitness and fluency in water. These groups are guided by the coach and follow a training plan each session that can be customized to your personal needs.

You may want to view Our Pricing Explained to understand how we value and calculate the prices for our training opportunities. This may help you compare the value get with Mediterra to other coaching services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Coach?

Your instructors are Mediterra Swim Head Coach Mat Hudson and Assistant Coach Jamee Small. 

Coach Mat is a Certified Master Coach (trainer of new coaches) with Total Immersion Swimming, and a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard.   Read more about Coach Mat.

Coach Jamee is an assistant to Coach Mat, in formal apprenticeship for TI Coaching, and a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard. Read more bout Coach Jamee.

What kind of training?

We teach you how to…

  • Gently overcome fear of the water
  • Learn to swim for the first time
  • Learn the other strokes – backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly
  • Improve stroke technique and efficiency
  • Learn advanced stroke synchronization and technique
  • Train for a specific swim achievement goal

Who is this suitable for?

Adults, including seniors (age is no limit!).  Rehabilitating athletes.  Those with physical and neurological limitations.  Those seeking fitness, pleasure or performance.

We love to help those who feel they are difficult cases in learning to swim better. We specialize in providing step-by-step solutions that make marvelous swimming accessible to any body.