Video Analysis Service

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Video Analysis Session Fee


Discount Fee

For current members of our Self-Coaching Program


Prices are in US Dollars.


Video Analysis Features

In your registration you may ask for specific parts of your stroke to be addressed.

In addition, we will provide:

  • A description of your three highest priority ‘Improvement Opportunities’ – These are the corrections you need to make or skills you need to build right now before moving on to higher skills that are dependent on those.
  • Recommendations for drills, focal points, and practice sets you can use for those Improvement Opportunities.

Our commitment is to deliver your video analysis report within 3 days, but with a scheduled appointment it should be delivered within 1 day.

Shooting Video

You may submit up to 3 video files.

For general stroke analysis needs we recommend taking video from these perspectives:

  1. underwater side view
  2. deck side view
  3. deck front view

Please make each video segment 10 to 20 seconds in length, or includes about 10 to 15 strokes.

Shooting tips:

  • Check that lighting is bright enough for swimmer to be seen easily.
  • Check that water is clear enough for swimmer to be seen easily.
  • Keep swimmer in middle of viewing area.
  • Hold camera steady.

Save or convert your video file as .mp4, .mov, or .avi file type.

Submitting Video
Please schedule an appointment for your video analysis – to make sure Coach Mat is available to analyze your videos in a timely manner. He may need a 3-day window of time to complete your video analysis.We prefer that you upload your videos to Dropbox – free online file storage and sharing site – and then send the share link to Coach Mat’s email. This way we can load it into our video analysis application.

Or, you may upload your videos to your own Youtube channel (or other video hosting site) and send Coach mat the sharing link.